Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Council members to attend Housing Forum in Terrace

With the advisory that there's room for more, Prince Rupert council heard word that three of Prince Rupert's Council members will be hitting the road in June.

Outlining plans to make their way to Terrace for a British Columbia Non Profit Housing Association event, planned for June 18th at the Best Western Inn.

Mayor Lee Brain provided the notice of the travel plans for Council at Monday's Council session, noting that he, Councillor Thorkelson and Councillor Cunningham would be attending the sessions.

However, with housing a common theme of many Council sessions of late, the Mayor offered up the suggestion that if the remainder of Council wished to attend, they should register for the conference and they could all go and get more information around policy issues related to housing.

As a follow up to the Mayor's commentary, Councillor Thorkelson provided a few more thoughts on
the nature of the conference, observing for some of the Council members as to what kind of topics that they might find interesting at the Terrace gathering.

The Councillor highlighted such topics as innovative designs in housing and some of the different bylaw issues and measures that city's can address when it comes to housing, items which she thinks might be worth taking in by Council members.

As part of Monday's proceedings at Council, Ms. Thorkelson inquired as to whether there should be a motion introduced to cover both the registration and accommodation costs for those on Council that will be attending the event.

Mayor Brain handled that formality, putting forward the motion, with Council members then voting to approve it.

You can learn more about the information session planned for Terrace here, the session known as RENT, Regional Education Networking and Tradeshow.

The event combines a combination of discussion sessions and workshops along with a tradeshow.

The event wraps up with a RENT networking Dinner.

You can get some background on Council's thoughts regarding the conference through the City's Video Archive, the discussion starts at the twelve minute mark and lasts about three minutes

For more items related to housing issues in the Northwest see our archive page here.

More background on Council Discussions can be found on Council Archive page.

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