Saturday, May 16, 2015

Homecoming 2015 Archives

As returning Rupertites continue to re-connect with their past and review some of the change to the community that they have moved on from, we offer up an archive of sorts of some of the events of the week to this point.

The compilation features items related to some of the planning for the weekend and the notes from the community event as it launched on Thursday and carries on through the weekend.

Included in our review, some video items from CFTK TV, as well as a couple of interviews from CBC Radio, which took on the Thursday launch of Homecoming as a featured attraction for their broadcast day in the Northwest.

We also feature our own observations leading up to this weekend, as well as other items of interest that we've discovered along the way.

For up to date notes as the weekend has been moving along, check out the Homecoming 2015 Facebook page, which has been providing updates on events from the planning phase right up to registration day on Thursday.

For further background on Homecoming 2015 see our listing of items below

May 15 -- Prince Rupert Homecoming 2015 is underway (video)

May 14 -- Prince Rupert Homecoming welcomes wandering Rupertites home
May 14 -- BC Alamanc with Gloria Macarenko (program podcast audio)
May 14 -- Five Days of Homecoming 2015 underway  NCR
May 14 -- Day Break North kick off to Homecoming ( audio -- interview with Mayor Brain)

May 11 -- Going back in time with Broadway through the Decades
May 11 -- Homecoming Preview (video)

April 10 -- Homecoming 2015 Committee asks for assistance with rental cost
April 10 -- Homecoming Committee Rent reduction request to be examined by city staff   NCR
April 7 -- Homecoming Committee has concerns over rent of Civic Centre for May event  NCR
April 6 -- Prince Rupert Homecoming 2015 (video)

January 20 -- Planning in motion for Prince Rupert Homecoming 2015  NCR

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