Thursday, May 28, 2015

New Name, heralds restructuring for Community Enrichment Society

Same location, new name for
support and program options
in Prince Rupert
For over thirty five years, a range of social and community services have been provided through the Fraser Street offices of the Community Enrichment Society.

A tradition of service that will continue on into the future, but with a new name, designed to reflect a new era of support and programs.

The Society which has been instrumental in providing services to the North Coast over the decades has been reviewing their approach to the delivery of their program options in the region, with some internal restructuring currently taking place.

One of the first moves in that shift in focus was recently revealed by the Board of Directors, when they announced that the Society will now be known as North Coast Community Services, with plans ahead to increase programming in the area and expand the service area that the organization serves.

Among the current programs and services that residents can access through the Fraser Street location:

Community Based Victim Services
Children who witness Abuse program
Empowerment Program
Family Skills Program
Fraser Street Literacy
Infant Development Program
Pregnancy Outreach Program
Supported Child Development Program
Youth at Risk Program
Cooking with NCCS
Incredible Years Parenting Program
Nobody's Perfect Parenting Program

You can learn more about their services and support options by contacting them at 250-627-7166, North Coast Community Services is located at 710 Fraser Street.

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