Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Memphis view on the Port of Prince Rupert

With some 60 percent of shipments that travel through Prince Rupert bound for the US, there's an increased awareness and interest in what the Port of Prince Rupert has to offer customers below the 49th parallel.

Part of the process of attracting more trade through the Port is to show current users and potential ones as well just how the Port of Prince Rupert operates and how its advantages in location can benefit the financial bottom line of companies across North America.

To further that information flow the Port plays host to any number of visitors through the year, a recent visit from the Vice President of public policy of the Greater Memphis Chamber seems to have proven successful to spreading the word, that is if one catches up on Andre Dean's report back to a blog entry called Memphis in Motion, part of the offerings of the Memphis Business Journal.

Mr. Dean was one of a number of Memphis based residents who recently toured the Port and its facilities, to learn more about our entry point to North America that is directing a good number of traffic to their terminals in the American south.

CN has made Memphis it's main hub for logistics from the Port of Prince Rupert, a rail connection that races freight from the Prince Rupert waterfront to the heart of the American south in a most timely fashion.

From what appears to have been an enjoyable feed of  Fish and Chips at the Crest Hotel, to the more transportation orientated items such as border security and merchandise integrity, it seems that his visit to the Northwest proved both rewarding and educational.

We can get a glimpse as how others see the port and the impact that it is having on timely delivery of product to the US through this guest blog contribution to the Memphis publication.

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