Friday, October 5, 2012

Waterfront access once again a hot topic around Prince Rupert

The arrival of signs from CN advising that transit whether by vehicle or by foot along the waterfront road between Kwinitsa Station and beyond Ocean Dock is forbidden, has once again left Prince Rupert residents worried that they are being squeezed off of their favourite waterfront perches.

The area in question today, has always featured No Trespassing signs and occasional admonitions from CN Police, that those that were walking along the railroad access road and tracks for that matter were trespassing.

The barriers and increased signage seemingly signals that CN is going to be much more proactive in re-inforcing those regulations, which for the most part have gone unheeded over the last decade or so.

The area is a favourite haunt of folks out for a stroll or walking their dogs, the road such as it is, barely a passable trail these days, washed out as it has been from the many years of weather washing over the shore line.

Reaction locally thus far doesn't seem particularly well received, which for the moment will be the burden that CN has to carry if they are to follow through on their increased vigilance over that area of the waterfront.

No doubt the Prince Rupert Port Authority is thankful that CN has taken ownership of the signage, thus taking one flash point away from Port Offices who have their own version of a brush fire on waterfront development and access currently ongoing with the Pinnacle Pellet Plant development.

The larger issue of course will be usage of some waterfront for local residents as opposed to the increased development of industry, somewhere we imagine there is a balance that will be suitable to all, though at the moment any kind of plan hasn't been made clear to locals.

At the moment however, with their expulsion from the railway access road along the waterfront, local residents are feeling a tad discouraged at the pace of Industrial development versus livable recreation space on the waterfront.

The Northern View-- CN erects barriers, no trespassing signs along Prince Rupert waterfront

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