Monday, October 15, 2012

CityWest debuts new web site and promotes cable internet service

CityWest, the City of Prince Rupert owned telephone and cable provider across the Northwest is often the topic of much discussion around the city.

Sometimes the discussion is over the financial status of the civic owned company and the perception of secrecy that has dotted the landscape over the years. At other times the discussion tends to revolve around service issues with Internet and cel service in the region.

For Prince Rupert residents service issues for the local company can be a lightning rod for debate, particularly on those days when local users find their Internet connection not up to speed, or cel phone difficulties arise.

In some instances the commentary (at times quite heated) is warranted, at others, it seems more of a case of the perceptions of service that have become legend to some of the more vocal local dissidents.

Still, communication at times has not been the strong suit of the local communications company, so to that end, perhaps a new vision is taking root, as CityWest introduces a new and improved website.

The new site offers many features previously unavailable and does provide for a cleaner image and is a marked improvement over the previous offering. Among the features that the new site offers are animation, search ability and as the welcome page advises a site that is mobile device friendly.

The website is the creation of Smithers based Spark Design which introduced the new site to CityWest users on October 10th.

Of note to local customers will be the attention given to the Internet service offered to the community, something called Quantum 10 and Quantum 15, with the promise of faster speeds and No Data worries.

Though, for those CityWest users that aren't connected to the Cable service offerings of the company, or don't wish to be, the Quantum program is an unattainable prospect, as it is offered only through Cable Internet.

For local customers who perhaps have their TV needs met by Shaw Direct or Bell Satellite dishes, the standard connections to the existing DSL continue on, connections which are more costly than those that use the Cable based offerings and at times are the subject of much of that discussion around the city.

While local users have a variety of choices when it comes to their Television programming, whether satellite or cable based, the Internet connection in Rupert is still for the most part the domain of CityWest, who appear to be attempting to lure back those lost TV customers with the tempting prospect of better Internet access.

With the Internet market pretty well ceded to CityWest at the moment, local users have few other options such as Telus or Bell from which to seek out their Internet access.

Leaving those customers who subscribe only to the Internet and land line side of things to continue to make do as they have over the last few years now.

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