Friday, October 26, 2012

City Council jumps on the "Stop the Greyhound Cuts" bus

Like other communities along Highway 16, the City of Prince Rupert has lent its voice to try and influence the British Columbia Transportation Board as it ponders the request by Greyhound Bus Lines to reduce service on the Highway 16 route from Prince George to Prince Rupert.

Council discussed the issue at Monday night's session (2 hour, 21 minute mark to 2 hour 24 minute mark)

The service reduction request was first made by Greyhound in September, since then it has been the subject of debate across Northern British Columbia, as communities offer their input to the request.

Greyhound has presented its case for reducing the service, outlining how usage of the route is low and not economically feasible in its current schedule configuration.

Communities already alarmed at the lack of transportation resources in the region, would prefer if Greyhound at least kept the current schedule in effect.

The bus line however, may be getting worried about discussion along the Highway 16 corridor of creating a shuttle bus service to serve communities in the wake of concerns over the Highway of Tears and the recent initiative of Smithers council to create such a service.

Should that service be created, or increased access to the Northern Health Medical Travel Service be created, the prospect of less Greyhound service, as opposed to more, would seem likely.

A solution to both issues could be to have each community have a block of tickets for Greyhound trips on hand for distribution for those in need. That could offer up an alternative to the issue of at risk hitch hiking, as well as created an increased level of passenger traffic and revenue for the bus line.

More background on the issue can be found from our Transportation archives.

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