Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Owing to their popularity, Chances Terrace seeks to add more machines

It seems that Fun indeed is Good and somewhat profitable we imagine in Terrace, where the local branch of the Chances Gaming Centres is apparently so popular, that the managers would like to add to the options available on the gaming floor.

The prospect of additional slot machines at the Terrace Chances Centre came up before that community's city council this week, a collective who apparently wish to give the matter some sober second thought and run things by the public.

Terrace City Council heard from Chances Terrace how their community has the highest demand for slot machines compared to the other regional Chances outlets.  Where it seems that 90 per cent of the 75 slot machines are in use over a weekend.

Impressive numbers when compared to the weekend peak playing reports of 54 per cent playing the 96 machines  in Prince Rupert  and 71 per cent playing the 100 Slot machines in Williams Lake.

In order to meet the apparent demand, the Terrace Chances is seeking to increase the number of the gaming machines to 99,  an increase that the Terrace Chances feels will fill the gaming demands of the volume of participants in the Terrace centre.

Terrace council will apparently take the matter to the public with a public forum at a date to be determined, at that time no doubt those taking the time to participate will learn more about the popularity of the Terrace Chances, as well as the contribution it makes to the local economy and the variety of community grants that the Centre provides to the community.

Also, those attending the forum will no doubt hear about the proximity of Prince Rupert's Chances and how Terrace players are often inclined to make the trip to Rupert and make a weekend out of it, taking money out of the local economy there.

Or as lottery official Greg Walker puts it in the Terrace Standard, "Prince Rupert is not that far away"

A declaration, which in the end, may be the most valuable point for the Terrace operation.

Some of the coverage of the Chances request can be found below.

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