Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Main Campus of NWCC at Terrace reopened after bomb threat

The NWCC Campus at Terrace has been reopened. The public safey risk previously reported has been investigated by the RCMP and the service is reporting all clear for a return to regular operations. Thank you for your patience and welcome back.--- A notice posted to the NWCC website as of Wednesday morning.

Classes came to a sudden end on Tuesday morning after a bomb threat delivered to the main campus of Northwest Community College resulted in the closure and evacuation of the Terrace campus.

RCMP officers arrived on campus to shut down access and secure the perimeter of the college, while waiting for a bomb sniffing dog to arrive from Prince George.

That search began in the afternoon, leaving the college closed for the remainder of the day and into the night, College officials communicated through email and the college website to advise students as to the latest developments in the ongoing situation.

CFTK News reported on Wednesday evening that though unconfirmed by college officials, a security guard at the college had advised them that the bomb threat had been delivered through an email to the college.

Students that live in the dorms at NWCC were using the services of a nearby church while campus officials found alternative arrangements for them.

Word of the closure spread through twitter and Facebook as students and parents expressed concern over the status of the daycare centre on site, belongings left on campus and access to vehicles, many sought further information on the progress of the investigation and when the college would reopen.

By Wednesday morning, the situation at NWCC had been resolved to the satisfaction of the RCMP and the campus was reopened with the college posting a notice on its website that the college had reopened.

The RCMP investigation into the situation is ongoing, though few details on that investigation have been released .

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