Sunday, October 21, 2012

Presentation Day at City Council

This Monday nights session (October 22) of city council (or at least that part which isn't held in closed session) could make for an interesting evening of entertainment on the city's live feed.

A number of delegations are making the trek to council to share some news, or offer up their thoughts on developments on the local scene. As the Agenda of the Regular Meeting of Council outlines, updates are the order for Monday night.

Among the nights march of the delegations, a bit of background on the proposed Petronas-Progress LNG project for Prince Rupert will be provided by Ms. Tessa Gill, Head of Stakeholder Management, Mr. Steve Dunk, Manager of Regulatory Affairs and Policy, Progress Energy. They both will provide an overview of the Petronas-Progress LNG Project and advise about the upcoming Open Houses for the project

One of the city's favourite topics of conversation will also be on the agenda for Monday, as CityWest comes to council chambers to provide an update. Local residents will hear from Jack Payne, Vice Chair of CityWest, Bill Craig, the CEO of CityWest and from Chris Marett, the CFO of the company. The topic for the night will be the General Annual Shareholders Report.

If ever there was a company that catches the imagination of the local population it's CityWest, the city owned telecommunications company that can start up a debate with little prompting. In past appearances before council,  details on corporate expansion and financial return to the city made for lively debate around town.

And yet, for the first time in a long time, an update from CityWest will not be considered the main event of a council session.

Instead that honour will go to the Pinnacle Pellet Plant developers, a delegation from the controversial project for the Prince Rupert waterfront will be in Council Chambers to make their presentation.

The Agenda for the Committee of the Whole Meeting provides the line up for Monday, with Ken Veldman, Director of Public Affairs and Andy Cook , Manager, Planning and Design for the Port Authority destined to provide for a Monitoring Update on the Pinnacle Pellet Plant.

The Port had been requested to appear by council, mainly at the urging of Councillor Joy Thorkelson, requested to explain recent decisions moving the project forward. Considering the volume of concern from the West side of town, we imagine that the public section of council chambers will be full and attentive to the update from the Port officials.

For those that can't head down to Council for the theatre to come, just  grab some popcorn and your favourite beverages and tune into the City's streaming broadcast of the proceedings from council at 7 PM

For your background work on the three topics of discussion Monday, we have some information packages if you will in our North Coast Review Archives, find our backgrounders below.

LNG Terminal Development

Communication on the North Coast

Pinnacle Pellet Plant Development

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