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Industrial Development -- Northern Gateway Pipeline

Our archive of items on the Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal and the prospect of an oil refinery in Kitimat.

** *Live Audio Webcast of the Joint Review Panel hearings, when in session (click here)***

North Coast Review items


December 20-- Small but energetic crowd takes to Court House Lawn to protest Northern Gateway Decision
December 19-- Joint Review Panel approves Northern Gateway but with 209 conditions, sparking debate across Northwest BC
December 18-- Decision Day looms Thursday for Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline project

April 5-- Enbridge Joint Reivew Panel Hearings continue through April in Prince Rupert
March 20-- The Federal Government floats its tanker strategy for consideration
February 18-- Enbridge Hearings back for second February session
February 4-- Coastal First Nations exit the Northern Gateway Process  
February 4-- Enbridge hearings return to the North Coast  
February 1-- The Next Battle over Bitumen?

January 2-- At the moment just a red line on a map, but in the future...


December 28-- Pipe dreams for Northern Gateway
December 10--  They're here... Joint Review Panel sets up shop in Prince Rupert
November 29-- UFAWU, Joy Thorkelson find frustration at Prince George Northern Gateway Hearings
November 17-- Alaska to Alberta rail option could have an impact on Port of Prince Rupert
November 16-- Northern Gateway Panel looks to 2013 for Prince Rupert sessions
November 15-- An interesting sidebar from Enbridge on the Northern Gateway destination
October 30-- Enbridge Northern Gateway Project Review Panel makes change to Prince Rupert sessions
October 23-- Rupertites take to Court House Lawn in Northern Gateway Protest
October 18-- Northern Gateway Hearings to be extended into New Year
October 10-- Northern Gateway Panel works its way west
August 31-- Kitimat dreams the big dreams
February 21-- Gateway Pipeline controversy receives an airing in Prince Rupert
February 7-- Somewhere between 100 and 1000
February 4-- Anti Enbridge Protest planned for Saturday

Other media items


December 18-- Panel expected to approve Northern Gateway, but questions linger
December 18-- Decision on Northern Gateway Due Tomorrow
December 17-- JRP to Release Northern Gateway Recommendations Thursday
December 17-- Panel to deliver Northern Gateway pipeline decision Thursday
December 17-- Wet'Suwet'en Chiefs Reaffirm Pipeline Ban
December 17-- Northern Gateway oil pipeline findings to be released Thursday
December 17-- Northern Gateway Report due Thursday
December 17-- Enbridge Review Panel Report Out Thursday (video)
December 17-- Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel to release report on Thursday
December 17-- JRP to Release Enbridge Northern Gateway Report Thursday
December 17-- Federal panel to release Northern Gateway pipeline verdict on Thursday
December 16-- Opponents and supporters prepare for Northern Gateway Pipeline Decision (audio)

April 16

CBC-- Politics of Pipelines (audio)

April1--April 7

Northern View-- The pipeline is coming
Globe and Mail-- Enbridge pipeline opponents say hearings unfair

March 15-31

CFTK-- Provincial Government Wraps Up Northern Gateway Cross Examination
Globe and Mail-- In B. C., Northern Gateway has poisoned the well
CFTK-- JRP Tuesday, March 19 (video)
National Post-- Role not to 'sell' pipelines to First Nations, says Ottawa's energy envoy after credibility questioned
CTV BC-- Northern Gateway hearings resuming in Prince Rupert this week
Globe and Mail-- A difficult balance of interests for Northern Gateway Pipelines
Vancouver Sun-- Northern Gateway project tangled in complex web of competing interests, aboriginal rights
CBC-- Northern Gateway panel tangled in web of aboriginal interests
The Northern View-- Province wraps up questions at pipeline hearings (pg 5 e edition March 27)
CFTK-- JRP Haida Questions (video)
CFTK-- Haida Question Enbridge's First Nations Consultation in Planning Northern Gateway
National Post-- Crude-via-rail: Not a fleeting business
Globe and Mail-- Moving bitumen to market: the case for rail

February 18--March 1

CFTK-- Enbridge JRP Tuesday (video)
CFTK-- Haisla Nation Cross Examines Enbridge
CFTK-- Enbrodge Gitxaala Panel (video)
CFTK-- Northern Gateway's Final Hearings are Back in Session
The Northern View-- MP preparing to question Enbridge at Prince Rupert hearings

February 4-8

Vancouver Sun-- B. C. government questions Northern Gateway experts on oil spill plan
Vancouver Sun-- Federal policy hamstrings high-job energy growth
Vancouver Sun-- Coastal First Nations group pulls out of Enbridge hearings
Vancouver Sun-- Two lone voices support pipeline at hearings
Vancouver Sun-- Alberta must respect B. C. pipeline concerns
Northern View-- Enbridge on the hot seat (Feb 13 e edition pages 1 and 3)
Northern View-- Enbridge hearings in Prince Rupert begin
Northern View-- Proposal made to ship oil from Prince Rupert
Globe and Mail-- Does diluted bitumen float? Experts, activists at pipeline hearing can't agree
Globe and Mail-- Teen activist strikes nerve with statement to pipeline hearing
Globe and Mail-- First Nations representative abandons Northern Gateway
CBC-- Enbridge grilled on pipeline Safety
CBC-- Coastal First Nations quit Northern Gateway hearings
CFTK-- JRP FInal Hearing Underway in Prince Rupert
CFTK-- JRP Final Hearings Question Enbridges Prevention and Response Plans
CFTK-- JRP Hearings Day 2 (video)
CFTK-- JRP Hearings Day 1 (video)

January 14-18

Vancouver Sun-- Protestors arrested after crashing Northern Gateway pipeline hearings in Vancouver
CBC- Protestors arrested at pipeline hearing in Vancouver
Vancouver Observer-- Protestors arrested at Enbridge Joint Review Panel hearings in Vancouver
Vancouver Province-- Thousands of protestors greet Northern Gateway hearings in Vancouver

January 1-11

Vancouver Sun-- Tankers too risky on B. C.'s north coast, oil-spill consultant says
Vancouver Sun-- Awash in a sea of oil that recognizes no borders
Vancouver Sun-- B. C. Pipeline Risk Assessment to be conducted by U. S. Coast Guard
Vancouver Sun-- Trade and Environmental protection are two things we can control
Vancouver Observer -- Tense final day of Northern Gateway JRP hearings in Victoria
Georgia Straight-- Hearings on Enbridge's Northern Gateway pipeline called "meaningless" in Vancouver
Vancouver Province-- Armed Guards protect Northern Gateway hearings in Victoria
CBC-- Police Patrol Northern Gateway hearings in Victoria

Tuesday, December 11

Global BC-- Enbridge hearings focus on marine life (video)
Globe and Mail-- Anti-Gateway rally shines light on marine mishaps
Vancouver Province-- Ship-oil discharges cited as danger
CFTK-- Rupert JRP Enbridge (video)
CFTK-- JRP Hearings Continue in Prince Rupert

Monday, December 10

CFTK TV-- JRP Enbridge Hearings Begin Prince Rupert Phase Today
CBC Daybreak North-- For unemployed, Northern Gateway pipeline offers hope (audio)
CBC-- Enbridge Northern Gateway hearings return to Prince Rupert
Vancouver Sun-- Chronic Oil a greater risk than tanker spill, Northern Gateway panel told
Vancouver Sun-- Pipeline panel arrives in Prince Rupert for next phase of hearings

November 28

Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline Hearings done in Prince George
Prince George Citizen-- Hearings Huge for hotels, restaurants
CKPG TV-- Pipeline photography exhibit set to open
CKPG TV-- Local Artist Creates Anti-Pipeline Art (video)

November 27

CKPG TV-- Pipeline Protest at Enbridge Headquarters (video)
Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline risk to fishery questioned
Prince George Citizen-- Level of risk questioned at hearings

November 26

Prince George Citizen-- Grizzly questions left up in the air
Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline advocates, opponents clash over science

November 23

Prince George Citizen-- Caribou evidence given consideration
Prince George Citizen-- Alberta mayors test Northern Gateway waters
Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline witnesses grilled by panel
Prince George Citizen-- Alberta Mayors straight talk on Enbridge pipeline
Prince George Citizen-- Provincial pipelines review needed: NDP

November 22

CKPG TV-- NDP critic speaks agains Enbridge (video)
CKPG TV-- NDP Environment Critic Targets Pipeline
Opinion 250-- Spreading the Word on Economic Benefits of Pipelines
Opinion 250-- Proposed Pipeline Visited on Three Fronts Today

November 21

Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline hearings set to resume
Opinion 250-- Proposed Pipeline Focus of Panel Discussion
CFTK TV-- Kitimat Wants Answers on Proposed Projects' Power Sources
CFTK TV-- Wet'suwet'en Clan Order PTP Pipeline Surveyors off land

November 20

The Prince George Free Press-- Mulcair says fix EA process before approving pipelines
The Citizen-- NDP hosting pipeline forum Thursday

November 16

CKPG TV-- Enbridge Opens Office in PG (video)
CKPG TV-- Enbridge Opens Local Office
Canadian Business-- Northern Gateway Review Panel adds 10 weeks of hearings to B. C. schedule
Opinion 250-- Enbridge Opens Northern Gateway Office in P. G.

November 15

The Northern View-- Northern Gateway Review Panel schedules 10 weeks of hearings in Prince Rupert

November 14

Prince George Citizen-- No plans to shift terminus to Prince Rupert

November 13

Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline companies not working together, panel told

November 9

Prince George Citizen-- 'Significant' meaning debated at pipeline hearings
Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline advocates stand by job forecast
Prince George Citizen-- Forests would take decades to recover

November 8

Prince George Free Press-- Environmental issues raised
Prince George Free Press-- Cummins voices support
Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline firm will attempt to work around animals
Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline wrestles with bears

November 7

Prince George Free Press-- Enbridge willing to look at details
Prince George Citizen-- Enbridge queried on lobbying

November 6

Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline squad leans on back row

November 5

CKPG TV-- Pipeline impact on species discussed
CKPG TV-- Pipeline debate shifts to Wildlife (video)

November 4

Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline promises money in case of spill
Prince George Citizen-- Law student lands 'big one' with pipeline hearings

November 2

Prince George Citizen-- Everyone agrees, regulatory officers heroes of process

November 1

CKPG TV-- Enbridge Hearings Continue at Ramada
Prince George Free Press-- Barlow says Canadians resolved to fight pipelines, Harper
Prince George Citizen-- Firm sketches out new spill plan
Prince George Citizen-- Lawyer frustrated by shifting route

October 31

CKPG TV-- Dire Warnings of Pipeline (video)
CKPG TV-- Maude Barlow speaks in Prince George
Prince George Citizen-- Haisla takes turn before panel
Prince George Citizen-- B. C. enjoys natural gas movement through Alberta, says Kinsley

October 30

Prince George Citizen-- MP said review process has too many barriers
Prince George Citizen-- Fort St. James residents worry over pipeline proximity
Prince George Free Press-- Cullen slams PM on pipeline
Opinion 250-- Extra Week of Enbridge Hearings Added to Prince George

October 29

CKPG TV-- Enbridge Hearings Back in Town
CKPG TV-- Enbridge ensures pipeline Quake-Safe (video)

October 27

Prince George Citizen-- Understanding the Review panel

October 25

Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline feeds into politics
Prince George Citizen-- Pump station worries prompted organizer to act
Prince George Free Press-- Anti-pipeline rally held
Terrace Standard-- Terrace participates in province wide day of action against tanker traffic

October 24

CFTK TV-- Defend our Coast Rally Kitimat (video)
CFTK TV-- Defend our Coast Rally in Kitimat a Success
CFTK TV-- "Defend Our Coast" Province-Wide Rallies Planned Today
CKPG TV-- Anti Pipeline Protect Draws a Crowd
Prince George Citizen-- Stopping all oilsands pipelines the aim, says activist
Opinion 250-- Protest in P. G.

October 23

CKPG TV-- Enbridge Protest Rally Tomorrow Night (video)
CKPG TV-- Protest Planned at Civic Centre
CFTK TV-- Battle Against Northern Gateway Heats Up
CFTK TV-- Rupert Tanker Rally (video)

October 22 Thousands protest against pipeline at B. C. legislature
Vancouver Province-- Thousands protest at B. C. Legislature
Vancouver Province-- Protestors to rally against Northern Gateway pipeline outside B. C. Legislature
Vancouver Sun-- Up to 1,000 Northern Gateway opponents expected to gather...
Opinion 250-- Protest Underway in Victoria
Opinion 250-- Three Parties Yet to Cross Examine Enbridge on Emergency Preparadness
Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline protest goes Wednesday at Civic Centre
Prince George Citizen-- Province, Enbridge butt heads about meeting

October 21

Vancouver Province-- Pipeline protestors prepare for big show Monday in Victoria

October 19

CKPG TV-- Enbridge Panels Over for Now (video)
Prince George Citizen-- Detail demands baffle Enbridge boss

October 18

Opinion 250-- Emergency Plan Not Yet Final Says Enbridge
Prince George Citizen-- Panel not done in P. G.
Prince George Citizen-- Video request squelched by panel
Prince George Citizen-- Enbridge has to listen: Carruthers

October 17

CBC Daybreak North-- Enbridge criticized for "incomplete" answers
CKPG TV-- Spill Response Under Microscope at Hearings
CKPG TV-- Concerns Over Spill Response (video)

October 16

Prince George Citizen-- B. C. prepares to question Enbridge again
Prince George Citizen-- Tense exchanges mark Monday session
CKPG TV-- Enbridge Responds to Record (video)
CKPG TV-- Hearings Focus on Emergency, Operations and Safety
Opinion 250-- Pipeline Not As Remote As People think says Enbridge
Opinion 250-- Enbridge Hearings Focus on Spill Response

October 15

Vancouver Sun-- Former Suncor CEO says B. C. pipelines a matter of Canadian sovereignty
Vancouver Sun-- Pipeline hearings draw dedicated challengers
Vancouver Sun-- 'Time Out' needed in Enbridge pipeline debate
Vancouver Province-- Pipeline hearings impress at least one participant
CKPG TV-- More Enbridge Hearings (video)
CKPG TV-- Landowner Consultation Topic at 6th day of JRP Hearings
Opinion 250-- Enbridge Hearings Wrap up Design Route Questions Today
Opinion 250-- Enbridge Hearings Close Today

October 14

Globe and Mail-- Environmentalists fear Ottawa's plan will weaken at-risk species act
Vancouver Province-- All Pipelines will carry some risk
Vancouver Province-- Quake risk exists for pipeline, expert says
Opinion 250-- How Many Female Workers if Northern Gateway Flies 

October 13

CKPG TV -- Enbridge Questioned at Pipeline Hearings (video)
Opinion 250-- Enbridge Questioned on Pipeline Toughness, Logistics

October 12

Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline firm says it's caught between transparency, flexibility
Prince George Citizen-- Tour looking to delve in pipeline
Prince George Citizen-- Engineer questions steel strength
Opinion 250-- Lawyer for Eco Justice has History in Area of Proposed pipeline
CKPG TV-- Haisla Question Pipeline Safety
Prince George Free Press-- Haisla Nation begins to question Enbridge
Prince George Free Press-- Environmental lawyer takes Enbridge to task over spills
Prince George Free Press-- Geo-technical hazards on tap During Day 2 of Joint Review Panel...
National Post-- Fluidity of Enbridge's pipeline plans a frustration at environmental hearings
Vancouver Sun-- Haisla Nation questions Enbridge experts about pipeline risks
Vancouver Sun-- Lawyer questions Enbridge's track record
Vancouver Sun-- Nechako sturgeon forgotten in battle over northern gateway
Vancouver Province-- B. C. First Nation questions Enbridge experts over pipeline risks
Vancouver Province-- Enbridge hammered with record

October 11

Opinion 250-- Ever Changing Design of Pipeline Project Challenged
Opinion 250-- Enbridge Answers Not Satisfactory-Says Province
Opinion 250-- Province Wide Rallies Planned to Press for Tanker Ban
Prince George Citizen-- Enbridge ready for checks
Prince George Citizen-- Panel experience 'fun': Kitimat man
CKPG TV-- Pipeline Route Under Scrutiny (video)
CKPG TV-- Northern Gateway Route Includes Hundreds of Water Crossings
CKPG TV-- Pipeline route could be devastating (video)
Globe and Mail-- Enbridge Pipeline hearing a case of what's not known
Globe and Mail-- Shy Kitimat postal worker finds his voce speaking out against Northern Gateway
Vancouver Province-- Northern Gateway Pipeline: Enbridge slammed by EcoJustice lawyer for lack of guarantees
Vancouver Province-- Enbridge grilled on leak record: Company's detection system failed to catch six major spills
Vancouver Sun-- Enviros demand to know if Enbridge's pipeline can be built safely even before it opens
Vancouver Sun-- Provincial government fires volley at Enbridge

October 10

Globe and Mail-- Enbridge grilled on leak detection ability at Gateway hearings
Vancouver Sun-- B. C. grills Enbridge experts on pipeline leak detection technologies
Vancouver Sun-- Nobel prize winner leads women on tour of pipeline route
Opinion 250-- Monitoring Spills and Identifying Risks
Opinion 250-- Economist Says Refine Our Tar Sands Oil in Canada
Opinion 250-- Enbridge Working on P. G. Office
CBC-- B. C. questions focus on Northern Gateway spill response
CKPG TV-- Enbridge to Open Office (video)
CKPG TV-- Enbridge Record Under Fire (video)
CKPG TV-- Leak Detection Under Fire at Enbridge Hearings
CKPG TV-- Pipeline Water Crossings examined
Prince George Free Press-- Pipeline hearings met with protest
Prince George Citizen-- Enbridge setting up shop at Parkwood
Prince George Citizen-- Testy start to hearings on Enbridge pipeline
Prince George Citizen-- Protestors at Enbridge hearings
Prince George Citizen-- Province keys in on slide danger during Enbridge hearings
National Post-- Enbridge experts grilled over pipeline leak detection at B. C. hearing
Globe and Mail-- Enbridge grilled on leak detection ability at Gateway hearings
Globe and Mail-- Evidence of Douglas Channel slides stokes residents' concern
Vancouver Province-- Pipeline protestors tell Enbridge to 'go away' (video)
Vancouver Province-- Pipeline industry faces 3 'major' accidents yearly, says indicates safety up

October 9

Globe and Mail-- Canadians need better dialogue on oil and gas, expert warns
Globe and Mail-- Federal reps to be questioned at Northern Gateway hearings
Vancouver Sun-- Former B. C. energy minister doubt's Enbridge's ability to get Northern Gateway pipeline built
Vancouver Sun-- Environmental hearings on Northern Gateway pipeline return to B. C.
Vancouver Province-- Northern Gateway pipeline review panel returns to B. C.
CFTK TV 7-- Harris Says Enbridge's Approach to Northern Gateway Misguided
Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline case flawed in dollars, sense
Prince George Citizen-- Enbridge pipeline is great opportunity for city, says ex-mayor
CKPG TV-- Initial Enbridge Hearings over
CKPG TV-- Technical Hearings for Enbridge Pipeline Underway
Prince George Free Press-- Enbridge Official disputes Allan's economic claim
Opinion 250-- Province Presses Enbridge Plan on Landslide Dangers
Opinion 250-- JRP Hearings Underway
Opinion 250-- Enbridge Hearings Start in P. G. Today
CBC Daybreak North-- B. C.'s former Deputy Minister of Environment has some questions for Enbridge (Audio)
CBC-- Northern Gateway review panel returns to B. C.
Prince George Citizen-- Province keys in on slide danger during Enbridge hearings
Prince George Citizen-- Testy start to hearings on Enbridge pipeline
Prince George Citizen-- Protestors at Enbridge hearings
Opinion 250-- Enbridge Working on P. G. Office
Opinion 250-- Economist Says Refine Our Tar Sands Oil in Canada


Vancouver Province-- Clark's handling of pipeline debate not convincing voters
Vancouver Province-- Premier Clark picks another fight over Alberta pipeline
Vancouver Sun-- Clark would do well not to take natural gas plans to the bank
Vancouver Sun-- Clark's ever-more-ambitious natural gas plans bump up against discouraging reality
Vancouver Sun-- Christy Clark continues to press for revenue from Northern Gateway pipeline
Vancouver Sun-- Pipeline impasse remains after Clark, Redford hold 'frosty' meeting
Vancouver Sun-- Northern Gateway hit from all sides
Globe and Mail-- You heard it here: Northern Gateway's dead
Globe and Mail-- 'Frosty' meeting between Clark and Redford
Globe and Mail-- The Gateway gap: B. C. and the oil patch stumble into silence
CBC-- Redford, Clark make little progress at 'frosty' meeting
Calgary Herald-- 'Chump change' remark another Christy Clark classic
Calgary Herald-- B. C. Premier calls Northern Gateway benefits 'chump change'...
Calgary Herald-- Premiers meeting on Northern Gateway pipeline turns 'frosty'
Calgary Herald-- Breaking the ice


Northern View-- Plans announced for $13 billion oil refinery in the northwest
Northern View-- MP says plans for oil refinery 'ridiculous', MLA calls it 'pie in the sky' idea
Terrace Standard-- City council leery of refinery plan
Terrace Standrd- First Nations leader backs refinery proposal
CFTK-- Kitimat Council to support Oil Refinery Under Certain conditions
CFTK-- Kitimat Council on Refinery project (video)
CFTK-- Cullen puzzled by Black's Refinery Proposal
CFTK-- Oil Refinery Proposed for Terrace-Kitimat Corridor
CFTK-- Oil Refinery Project update (video)
CBC Northern BC-- Considering an oil refinery in Kitimat
CBC-- B. C. publisher proposes $13B crude refinery near Kitimat
Globe and Mail-- Kitimat refinery would be a game-changer
Vancouver Sun-- B. C. Newspaper tycoon proposes $13 billion oil refinery...
Vancouver Sun-- Oil producers say economics will decide fate of Black's refinery plan
Vancouver Sun-- If Black can back his refinery proposal, it could change the Northern Gateway plan
Vancouver Sun-- Media mogul David Black knows how to recognize a business opportunity
Vancouver Sun-- Black's refinery pitch promises, jobs, safety
Vancouver Sun-- David Black's Kitimat area oil refinery project inspired by Arizona venture
Vancouver Sun-- Kitimat oil refinery could blacken province's reputation, foes say 
Vancouver Province-- B. C. media mogul proposes $13billion oil refinery...
Vancouver Province-- Give the customers what they want
Georgia Straight-- How one Black Press paper covers David Black's refinery proposal in Kitimat
The Tyee-- 'Kitimat Clean' promises new refinery to serve Northern Gateway
The Tyee-- David Black confirms BC Media Love a Tycoon with a Dream

Vancouver Sun-- Christy Clark wants a bigger piece of the pipeline pie for B. C
Vancouver Sun-- Clark's approach to pipeline 'smart': former minister
Vancouver Sun-- Oil pipeline looks dead and buried
Vancouver Province-- Has Clark finally struck oil?
Vancouver Province-- Polls show Christy Clark's tough stance over Enbridge pipeline strikes a chord..
Vancouver Province-- Northern Gateway pipelines fuels war or words between B. C. and Alberta
Vancouver Province-- Alberta-B. C. brawl threatens to derail talks on national energy strategy
Vancouver Province-- B. C. government sets conditions, asks for 'fair share' of profits ...
Vancouver Province-- Northern Gateway pipeline a 'very large risk' with 'very small benefit'...
Victoria Times Colonist-- Clark's stance a huge gamble
Vancouver Courier-- Clark tiff with Redford a PR ploy
The Tyee-- Christy Clark's Pipeline Poker Bluff
The Tyee-- Christy Clark's Wrong Way Walkout
The Tyee-- Is Enbridge's fate tied to Gateway? New analysis suggests otherwise.
The Tyee-- Premier Clark derails bid to forge national energy strategy
Calgary Herald-- B. C. Premier Christy Clark's Alberta shakedown
Calgary Herald-- B. C. can't be allowed to hold up pipeline
Calgary Herald-- High stakes rest on pipeline rumble between B. C., Alberta
Calgary Herald-- Only B. C.'s premier wants to talk about Alberta royalties
Calgary Herald-- Clark's "fair share" a red flag in Alberta
Calgary Herald-- Redford so wrong about national energy strategy
Calgary Herald-- Redford says she won't 'blink on royalties with B. C.
Calgary Herald-- B. C. can be compensated in other ways, experts say
Edmonton Journal--  Pipeline War with Alberta escalates as B. C. adds Trans Mountain ...
Edmonton Journal-- Prime Minister Harper trying to stay far away from Northern Gateway dispute
Edmonton Journal-- Gateway is bad news
Edmonton Sun-- 'Energy strategy' needs attitude
Edmonton Sun-- Premiers back Alberta
Edmonton Sun-- Clark's tactic is pure diversion
National Post-- For Canada's sake, Alberta must refuse Christy Clark's pipeline demand
National Post-- Christy Clark's Northern Gateway demands just another extortion attempt
National Post-- Christy Clark's Gateway revenue grab is good for B. C., disastrous for Canada
National Post--  B. C. Premier Christy Clark calls on Ottawa, Alberta to resolve Northern Gateway feud
National Post-- Too much heat, too little light in talk of a "national energy strategy"
Globe and Mail-- Only Harper can end pipeline politicking
Globe and Mail-- Leave Alberta out of B. C.'s pipeline demands: Redford
Globe and Mail--  Proposed pipelines all risk, little reward for B. C.: report
Globe and Mail-- B. C. Natives willing to 'go to the wall' against Enbridge pipeline
CTV-- B. C. Premier Christy Clark derails attempt to forge national energy strategy
CBC-- B. C. seeks 'fair share' in new Gateway pipeline deal
CBC-- B. C., Alberta premiers clash over Gateway pipeline revenue
CBC-- Premier saves some fighting words for Ottawa
CBC-- Pipeline tensions
CBC-- Premier Clark's pipeline walkout provokes B. C. reaction
CBC-- Christy Clark talks pipelines from Halifax
CBC-- Clark says no national energy policy without


National Post-- First Nations reject alternate Northern Gateway route
CFTK-- Joint Review Panel Day 2 (Video)
CFTK-- Joint Review Panel Day 1 (Video)
CFTK-- Local speakers Take the panel at Saturday's JRP Hearings
The Northern View-- What was said at the Rupert Enbridge hearings
CFTK-- Conservative MP Slams Cullen, RD Rejects Enbridge
Vancouver Observer-- Oil Executive son's testimony at Prince Rupert Northern Gateway ...
Opinion 250-- Joint Review Panel Invited to Taste and Experience Coastal Life
Opinion 250-- Queen Charlotte Regional District Opposes Enbridge Pipeline Project
CBC Northern BC-- Enbridge hearings resume in Prince Rupert
CFTK-- Terrace Council and Enbridge Opposition (Video)
The Northern View--intervenors 'muzzled' at Enbridge hearings in Prince Rupert
CFTK-- Cullen, Enbridge Spar at JRP Hearings in Prince Rupert
CFTK-- First Nation Boycotts JRP Hearings in Prince Rupert
Queen Charlotte Islands Observer-- MP Cullen talks about the land at Enbridge panel hearing
The Northern View-- Run down of 1st day of Prince Rupert hearings on Enbridge pipeline
Marketwire-- Pipeline tensions: Frustration mounts at Review hearings...
Opinion 250-- Enbridge hearings tense in Prince Rupert
CBC Northern BC-- Municipalities consider position on Enbridge pipeline
The Republic-- Enbridge re-examining options on Northern Gateway pipeline route
The Northern View-- Joint Review Panel won't limit speaker's time at Prince Rupert hearings
The Northern View-- Lax Kw'alaams is boycotting Enbridge hearings in Prince Rupert
Vancouver Observer-- Enbridge trying to "silence" speakers at oil sands pipeline hearings: MLA
The Northern View-- MP calls Enbridge request 'suspicious and shameful'
The Northern View-- Enbridge seeking time limit on non-Aboriginal speakers at Prince Rupert hearings
Vancouver Observer-- Nation building: how the Enbridge pipeline issue unified Northern B. C.
Vancouver Province-- Police close downtown Prince Rupert for pipeline protest
Vancouver Sun-- Community rally a full-court press against proposed pipeline
CFTK TV7-- Huge Rally in Prince Rupert against Northern Gateway
Marketwire-- More Than Two Thousand Citizens Say "No!" to Oil Tankers and Pipelines...
CKNW-- Prince Rupert rally protests Northern Gateway pipeline
Vancouver Observer-- Two Thousand protest Enbridge oilsands pipeline in Prince Rupert
CTV-- Pipeline opponents question environmental impact
CTVBC-- Canadian rocker and economist protest B. C. pipeline
CBC-- Hundreds rally against Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline
Northern View-- Gitga'at Nation hosts No Tankers Rally in Prince Rupert
The Northern View-- McBride closing Saturday afternoon, David Suzuki not coming 
CFTK-- Large crowd expected for Anti-Enbridge Rally in Prince Rupert
Opinion 250-- Organizers anticipating one of largest anti-Enbridge rallies

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