Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Selling the merits of the Port of Prince Rupert and the vision of its future

For those wondering how the Port of Prince Rupert gets its vision across to would be customers, an instructive video has been posted to  the website of the Transportation trade publication The Journal of Commerce.

Featuring the Port of Prince Rupert's President and CEO Don Krusel, the report provides a glimpse into some of the questions and issues that may face Port representatives as they go about selling the merits of the Port to world shipping companies and end users.

Such things as transit times, dwell times, bottlenecks in Chicago and other transportation and logistical questions make up the main talking points when it comes time for someone to decide where to unload their containers, questions that the Port of Prince Rupert seems to have all the right answers for.

The interview session recorded at the Trans Pacific Maritime Conference of 2009, touches on a number of questions about the Port and some of the perceived issues surrounding the Port, the video Q and A session helps give us a better understanding as to how the Port is being marketed to the world.

Journal of Commerce--- Don Krusel, Prince Rupert Port Authority (video)

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