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Northern Gateway Panel works their way west

While more than a few observers suggest that the prospect of the Northern Gateway pipeline is all but dead, the proponents of it are moving forward with their plans and so too is the Joint Review Panel, which has resumed hearings in British Columbia this week.

Previous to its return to British Columbia, the Joint Review Panel concluded hearings in Alberta, where the prospect of a pipeline it seems isn't quite as contentious.

Not so in British Columbia, where even the Premier has weighed in on the controversy, politicizing the issue to a fair degree and to mixed reviews thus far. The project has come to represent the lightning rod of discontent across Northern British Columbia, where rhetoric at tines tends to overshadow the actual discussion.

The latest stage of the review panel, the final hearings on the controversial project, gets underway in Prince George this week, where representatives of Enbridge, the company planning the pipeline project have been taking a variety of questions from a number of participants at the review.

The Prince George sessions have been split into two segments, the first running this week until October 19th and then proceedings will resume in Prince George from October 29th to November 9th.

Once these sessions are concluded in Prince George, the panel will work its way westward towards Prince Rupert, where sessions are scheduled November 22 to 30 and December 10-18.

As the Panel Proceedings continue in British Columbia we will track the latest developments below:

Enbridge Northern Gateway Project Joint Review Panel (Panel website)

Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines (Corporate website)

Prince George
1st session October 9-19
2nd session October 29-November 9
3rd session November 22-28

November 28

Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline Hearings done in Prince George
Prince George Citizen-- Hearings Huge for hotels, restaurants
CKPG TV-- Pipeline photography exhibit set to open
CKPG TV-- Local Artist Creates Anti-Pipeline Art (video)

November 27

CKPG TV-- Pipeline Protest at Enbridge Headquarters (video)
Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline risk to fishery questioned
Prince George Citizen-- Level of risk questioned at hearings

November 26

Prince George Citizen-- Grizzly questions left up in the air
Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline advocates, opponents clash over science

November 23

Prince George Citizen-- Caribou evidence given consideration
Prince George Citizen-- Alberta mayors test Northern Gateway waters
Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline witnesses grilled by panel
Prince George Citizen-- Alberta Mayors straight talk on Enbridge pipeline
Prince George Citizen-- Provincial pipelines review needed: NDP

November 22

CKPG TV-- NDP critic speaks agains Enbridge (video)
CKPG TV-- NDP Environment Critic Targets Pipeline
Opinion 250-- Spreading the Word on Economic Benefits of Pipelines
Opinion 250-- Proposed Pipeline Visited on Three Fronts Today

November 21

Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline hearings set to resume
Opinion 250-- Proposed Pipeline Focus of Panel Discussion
CFTK TV-- Kitimat Wants Answers on Proposed Projects' Power Sources
CFTK TV-- Wet'suwet'en Clan Order PTP Pipeline Surveyors off land

November 20

The Prince George Free Press-- Mulcair says fix EA process before approving pipelines
The Citizen-- NDP hosting pipeline forum Thursday

November 16

CKPG TV-- Enbridge Opens Office in PG (video)
CKPG TV-- Enbridge Opens Local Office
Canadian Business-- Northern Gateway Review Panel adds 10 weeks of hearings to B. C. schedule
Opinion 250-- Enbridge Opens Northern Gateway Office in P. G.

November 15

Northern View-- Northern Gateway Review Panel schedules 10 weeks of hearings in Prince Rupert

November 14

Prince George Citizen-- No plans to shift pipeline terminus to Prince Rupert

November 13

Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline companies not working together, panel told

November 9

Prince George Citizen-- 'Significant' meaning debated at pipeline hearings
Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline advocates stand by job forecast
Prince George Citizen-- Forests would take decades to recover

November 8

Prince George Free Press-- Environmental issues raised
Prince George Free Press-- Cummins voices support
Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline firm will attempt to work around animals
Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline wrestles with bears

November 7

Prince George Free Press-- Enbridge willing to look at details
Prince George Citizen-- Enbridge queried on lobbying

November 6

Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline squad leans on back row

November 5

CKPG TV-- Pipeline impact on species discussed
CKPG TV-- Pipeline debate shifts to Wildlife (video)

November 4

Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline promises money in case of spill
Prince George Citizen-- Law student lands 'big one' with pipeline hearings

November 2

Prince George Citizen-- Everyone agrees, regulatory officers heroes of process

November 1

CKPG TV-- Enbridge Hearings Continue at Ramada
Prince George Free Press-- Barlow says Canadians resolved to fight pipelines, Harper
Prince George Citizen-- Firm sketches out new spill plan
Prince George Citizen-- Lawyer frustrated by shifting route

October 31

CKPG TV-- Dire Warnings of Pipeline (video)
CKPG TV-- Maude Barlow speaks in Prince George
Prince George Citizen-- Haisla takes turn before panel
Prince George Citizen-- B. C. enjoys natural gas movement through Alberta, says Kinsley

October 30

Prince George Citizen-- MP said review process has too many barriers
Prince George Citizen-- Fort St. James residents worry over pipeline proximity
Prince George Free Press-- Cullen slams PM on pipeline
CFTK TV-- JRP's Return to Rupert Delayed
Opinion 250-- Extra Week of Enbridge Hearings Added to Prince George

October 29

CKPG TV-- Enbridge Hearings Back in Town
CKPG TV-- Enbridge ensures pipeline Quake-Safe (video)

October 27

Prince George Citizen-- Understanding the Review panel

October 25

Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline feeds into politics
Prince George Citizen-- Pump station worries prompted organizer to act
Prince George Free Press-- Anti-pipeline rally held
Terrace Standard-- Terrace participates in province wide day of action against tanker traffic

October 24

CFTK TV-- Defend our Coast Rally Kitimat (video)
CFTK TV-- Defend our Coast Rally in Kitimat a Success
CFTK TV-- "Defend Our Coast" Province-Wide Rallies Planned Today
CKPG TV-- Anti Pipeline Protect Draws a Crowd
Prince George Citizen-- Stopping all oilsands pipelines the aim, says activist
Opinion 250-- Protest in P. G.

October 23

CKPG TV-- Enbridge Protest Rally Tomorrow Night (video)
CKPG TV-- Protest Planned at Civic Centre
CFTK TV-- Battle Against Northern Gateway Heats Up
CFTK TV-- Rupert Tanker Rally (video)

October 22 Thousands protest against pipeline at B. C. legislature
Vancouver Province-- Thousands protest at B. C. Legislature
Vancouver Province-- Protestors to rally against Northern Gateway pipeline outside B. C. Legislature
Vancouver Sun-- Up to 1,000 Northern Gateway opponents expected to gather...
Opinion 250-- Protest Underway in Victoria
Opinion 250-- Three Parties Yet to Cross Examine Enbridge on Emergency Preparadness
Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline protest goes Wednesday at Civic Centre
Prince George Citizen-- Province, Enbridge butt heads about meeting

October 21

Vancouver Province-- Pipeline protestors prepare for big show Monday in Victoria

October 19

CKPG TV-- Enbridge Panels Over for Now (video)
Prince George Citizen-- Detail demands baffle Enbridge boss

October 18

CBC Daybreak North-- New research could detect pipeline leaks before they happen
Vancouver Province-- Enbridge challenges B. C. government: Come see for yourselves
National Post-- Dead pipeline walking
Opinion 250-- Emergency Plan Not Yet Final Says Enbridge
CKPG TV-- Mitigating Risk of Spill Not Enough (video)
CKPG TV-- Environmental Groups taking Enbridge to Task over Spill Response
Prince George Citizen-- Panel not done in P. G.
Prince George Citizen-- Video request squelched by panel
Prince George Citizen-- Enbridge has to listen: Carruthers

October 17

CBC Daybreak North-- Enbridge criticized for "incomplete" answers
CKPG TV-- Spill Response Under Microscope at Hearings
CKPG TV-- Concerns Over Spill Response (video)

October 16

Prince George Citizen-- B. C. prepares to question Enbridge again
Prince George Citizen-- Tense exchanges mark Monday session
CKPG TV-- Enbridge Responds to Record (video)
CKPG TV-- Hearings Focus on Emergency, Operations and Safety
Opinion 250-- Pipeline Not As Remote As People think says Enbridge
Opinion 250-- Enbridge Hearings Focus on Spill Response

October 15

Vancouver Sun-- Former Suncor CEO says B. C. pipelines a matter of Canadian sovereignty
Vancouver Sun-- Pipeline hearings draw dedicated challengers
Vancouver Sun-- 'Time Out' needed in Enbridge pipeline debate
Vancouver Province-- Pipeline hearings impress at least one participant
CKPG TV-- More Enbridge Hearings (video)
CKPG TV-- Landowner Consultation Topic at 6th day of JRP Hearings
Opinion 250-- Enbridge Hearings Wrap up Design Route Questions Today
Opinion 250-- Enbridge Hearings Close Today

October 14

Globe and Mail-- Environmentalists fear Ottawa's plan will weaken at-risk species act
Vancouver Province-- All Pipelines will carry some risk
Vancouver Province-- Quake risk exists for pipeline, expert says
Opinion 250-- How Many Female Workers if Northern Gateway Flies 

October 13

CKPG TV -- Enbridge Questioned at Pipeline Hearings (video)
Opinion 250-- Enbridge Questioned on Pipeline Toughness, Logistics

October 12

Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline firm says it's caught between transparency, flexibility
Prince George Citizen-- Tour looking to delve in pipeline
Prince George Citizen-- Engineer questions steel strength
Opinion 250-- Lawyer for Eco Justice has History in Area of Proposed pipeline
CKPG TV-- Haisla Question Pipeline Safety
Prince George Free Press-- Haisla Nation begins to question Enbridge
Prince George Free Press-- Environmental lawyer takes Enbridge to task over spills
Prince George Free Press-- Geo-technical hazards on tap During Day 2 of Joint Review Panel...
National Post-- Fluidity of Enbridge's pipeline plans a frustration at environmental hearings
Vancouver Sun-- Haisla Nation questions Enbridge experts about pipeline risks
Vancouver Sun-- Lawyer questions Enbridge's track record
Vancouver Sun-- Nechako sturgeon forgotten in battle over northern gateway
Vancouver Province-- B. C. First Nation questions Enbridge experts over pipeline risks
Vancouver Province-- Enbridge hammered with record

October 11

Opinion 250-- Ever Changing Design of Pipeline Project Challenged
Opinion 250-- Enbridge Answers Not Satisfactory-Says Province
Opinion 250-- Province Wide Rallies Planned to Press for Tanker Ban
Prince George Citizen-- Enbridge ready for checks
Prince George Citizen-- Panel experience 'fun': Kitimat man
CKPG TV-- Pipeline Route Under Scrutiny (video)
CKPG TV-- Northern Gateway Route Includes Hundreds of Water Crossings
CKPG TV-- Pipeline route could be devastating (video)
Globe and Mail-- Enbridge Pipeline hearing a case of what's not known
Globe and Mail-- Shy Kitimat postal worker finds his voce speaking out against Northern Gateway
Vancouver Province-- Northern Gateway Pipeline: Enbridge slammed by EcoJustice lawyer for lack of guarantees
Vancouver Province-- Enbridge grilled on leak record: Company's detection system failed to catch six major spills
Vancouver Sun-- Enviros demand to know if Enbridge's pipeline can be built safely even before it opens
Vancouver Sun-- Provincial government fires volley at Enbridge

October 10

Globe and Mail-- Enbridge grilled on leak detection ability at Gateway hearings
Vancouver Sun-- B. C. grills Enbridge experts on pipeline leak detection technologies
Vancouver Sun-- Nobel prize winner leads women on tour of pipeline route
Opinion 250-- Monitoring Spills and Identifying Risks
Opinion 250-- Economist Says Refine Our Tar Sands Oil in Canada
Opinion 250-- Enbridge Working on P. G. Office
CBC-- B. C. questions focus on Northern Gateway spill response
CKPG TV-- Enbridge to Open Office (video)
CKPG TV-- Enbridge Record Under Fire (video)
CKPG TV-- Leak Detection Under Fire at Enbridge Hearings
CKPG TV-- Pipeline Water Crossings examined
Prince George Free Press-- Pipeline hearings met with protest
Prince George Citizen-- Enbridge setting up shop at Parkwood
Prince George Citizen-- Testy start to hearings on Enbridge pipeline
Prince George Citizen-- Protestors at Enbridge hearings
Prince George Citizen-- Province keys in on slide danger during Enbridge hearings
National Post-- Enbridge experts grilled over pipeline leak detection at B. C. hearing
Globe and Mail-- Enbridge grilled on leak detection ability at Gateway hearings
Globe and Mail-- Evidence of Douglas Channel slides stokes residents' concern
Vancouver Province-- Pipeline protestors tell Enbridge to 'go away' (video)
Vancouver Province-- Pipeline industry faces 3 'major' accidents yearly, says indicates safety up

October 9

Globe and Mail-- Canadians need better dialogue on oil and gas, expert warns
Globe and Mail-- Federal reps to be questioned at Northern Gateway hearings
Vancouver Sun-- Former B. C. energy minister doubt's Enbridge's ability to get Northern Gateway pipeline built
Vancouver Sun-- Environmental hearings on Northern Gateway pipeline return to B. C.
Vancouver Province-- Northern Gateway pipeline review panel returns to B. C.
CFTK TV 7-- Harris Says Enbridge's Approach to Northern Gateway Misguided
Prince George Citizen-- Pipeline case flawed in dollars, sense
Prince George Citizen-- Enbridge pipeline is great opportunity for city, says ex-mayor
CKPG TV-- Initial Enbridge Hearings over
CKPG TV-- Technical Hearings for Enbridge Pipeline Underway
Prince George Free Press-- Enbridge Official disputes Allan's economic claim
Opinion 250-- Province Presses Enbridge Plan on Landslide Dangers
Opinion 250-- JRP Hearings Underway
Opinion 250-- Enbridge Hearings Start in P. G. Today
CBC Daybreak North-- B. C.'s former Deputy Minister of Environment has some questions for Enbridge (Audio)
CBC-- Northern Gateway review panel returns to B. C.

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There's more on the Northern Gateway Project from our Industrial Development on the North Coast Section, which you can access here.

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