Monday, October 1, 2012

Invitations offered; but have they been delivered or accepted?

In what seems to be a growing trend for Prince Rupert City Council, council members have taken to issuing an invitation to local, or regional organizations to make an appearance and explain themselves.

The concept started back in July when Mayor Mussallem, issued his request of appearance to Northwest Community College ( 37:45 from council video archive) to come to council and explain why the Electrical program at the local campus had been relocated to the main campus of Terrace.

As we head into October and the new college year underway, to our knowledge and through the minutes of the few council sessions that have taken place since July, it would seem that the college hasn't taken the Mayor up on his invitation as of yet.

The RSVP file moved over to Councillor Joy Thorkelson the last few weeks, Councillor Thorkelson is eager to learn more about the Pinnacle Pellet Project, the waterfront development off of Water Street, that recently was moved forward by the Port Corporation.

Not once, but twice now, she has made her call to appear, the first taking place at the September 4 council meeting ( 1:45.20 from council video archive), the most recent appeal taking place at the September 17 session ( 1:54.25 from council video archive )  in the form of a question as to whether the invitation was ever issued by staff.

An question, which city staff couldn't offer up an answer towards and we imagine will be off to further explore.

Considering the number of invitations issued over the summer and non appearances from potential guests thus far, somewhere it seems at City Hall are a bunch of party invites waiting to go into the mail...

At least council should hope they haven't been mailed yet, otherwise, it would seem that they are throwing parties that no one wants to attend.

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