Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Greyhound seeks service reduction for Northwest corridor

Travellers who rely on Greyhound Bus Lines in the Northwest may soon have fewer timetable options to consult, should the company prove successful in its bid to reduce service along Highway 16 from Prince Rupert to Prince George.

The inter-provincial bus line has applied to the B. C Passenger Transportation Board for permission to reduce the number of runs on routes throughout the province.

On the Northwest run, Greyhound is seeking to reduce the number of trips per week to 14 from the current level of service of 22 trip a week.

Greyhound outlined its reasons for the request in a submission to Transportation board, citing a low passenger load which in some instances reduces Revenue per Passenger Mile from between $2.25 to $2.31 based on an average passenger load of 10.48 to 11.07 eastbound or westbound.

It perhaps is a valid point, at times the Greyhound arrival at Prince Rupert provides for but one or two passengers to disembark, a situation that no doubt isn't particularly healthy to a company's bottom line.

Without a subsidy for travel across portions of the province, the bus line may have a case for its request to reduce service, based purely on a situation of use it or lose it.

The public has until October 17th to submit their concerns and comments to Transportation Board, further information on that process can be found here.

Greyhound Notice to Public

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