Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wet, Windy and a Warning

By North Coast weather standards, Sunday's weather patterns weren't particularly challenging, it was a typically, wet and windy fall day, though with a bit of excitement courtesy of Environment Canada.

At 2:03 PM Environment Canada issued a Special Weather Statement, advising that a waterspout had been spotted near Prince Rupert.

 The less strenuous member of the tornado family spotted offshore, with no reports of damage recorded post statement. The advisory was in effect for the afternoon, with the advice to take cover in an interior room should the waterspouts work their way onshore.

For those weather watchers who may have seen the weather oddity it no don't provided for a fascinating sight, a rare thing to spot but for the truly dedicated.

However, they aren't unusual at this time of year, when cooler air masses combine with warmer waters of the area straits, an unstable condition which can bring about the waterspout formations.

For the rest of us who may have missed today's water show there are still some weather concerns to make note of  and perhaps some preparations around the home front are in order for a week of windy and very wet weather, the full forecast for the week can be found here.

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