Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Just when you were getting used to the 250...

The  insatiable desire of British Columbian's for communication has once again played havoc with the numerology of the province's phone providers, requiring the introduction of yet another new area code for British Columbia in 2013.

Telephone companies will begin handing out phone numbers with the 236 area code starting in June, based on the demand for phone numbers that has gone well beyond the use of telephones these days. The original plan was to introduce a new area code in 2015, but demand is outstripping supply at a rapid clip.

With Internet usage increasing and any number of devices to go with it, the need for an additional area code was apparent, so the 236 code was allocated for next year, with another one, 672 now on standby for future expansion across the province.

There will be no change for those with existing numbers, they will still be operating under whatever area code they have been allocated since the original split from 604 back in 1996.

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