Thursday, October 18, 2012

Northern Gateway Hearings to be extended into New Year

When the Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel arrives in Prince Rupert next month, it may not be the last we see of them.

According to the Prince George Citizen, the Panel concerned over the current pace of the proceedings is making plans to hold extra sessions in the New Year, with both Prince George and Prince Rupert to play host to the panel deliberations.

The current Prince George sessions were expected to wrap up on November 9th, but with many of the  panel participants and their presentations going overtime thus far, Panel chair Sheila Leggett offered the opinion that more time may be required to complete the process underway.

The Prince Rupert sessions are set for November 22 to 30th and December 10-18, all sessions are scheduled for the North Coast Meeting and Convention Centre located below the Chances Gaming Centre.

There has been no schedule announced yet as to when the extra sessions for the Panel will take place in the New Year.

You can follow the progress of the Joint Review Panel's Prince George sessions from our archive of the proceedings this month.

You can also review other items from the North Coast Review which features items on both the Northern Gateway Pipeline and the Proposed Kitimat Oil Refinery.

The Joint Review Panel's website offers updates, audio broadcasts and other information on the proceedings from their website.

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