Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Enbridge Northern Gateway Project Review Panel makes change to Prince Rupert sessions

Those residents of Prince Rupert and the North Coast who were making plans to address the Enbridge Northern Gateway Panel will have to revise their calendar, as the Panel announced yesterday that it has changed the scheduled date of their trip to Prince Rupert.

The Prince Rupert sessions were scheduled for November 22 to 29, however the Panel has reconfigured their Prince Rupert visit, eliminating that first week and arriving as planned for the start of the December 10th segment of the hearings.

The reason listed in documentation from the Hearings website being, that questions and issues from Prince George leg of the hearings had not been completed and the panel members wish to complete those presentations prior to moving on to the Northwest.

The Prince Rupert sessions will take place from December 10-18 at the North Coast Convention Centre below the Chances Gaming Centre. The hearings are scheduled to run from 8:30-3:30 pm from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 12:30 on the Saturday.

There was no word on whether the change in schedule will result in the loss of North Coast sessions, by removing the November 22 to 30 meetings from the Prince Rupert schedule, the North Coast would seem at the moment, to potentially have lost a week of access to the panel.

Earlier this month the Prince George Citizen reported that there would be more sessions in the New Year for both Prince Rupert and Prince George, the press release of yesterday made no mention of any  extra sessions on the agenda.

The timing of the reconfiguration of the schedule will no doubt raise a few eyes among some potential participants of the Prince Rupert segment of the hearings, especially following as it does Saturday's 7.7 earthquake on Haida Gwaii and the aftershocks that have followed it.

A topic that we're sure someone will mention when the December sessions arrive in Prince Rupert.

You can access background information on the Enbridge Northern Gateway Hearings from the Joint Review Panels website.

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