Thursday, February 14, 2013

Announcement Days for Transport Canada

The Conservative Government in Ottawa has been busy over the last couple of days filling up board positions on a number of infrastructure groups across the nation.

Of interest to the North Coast, the announcement of a pair of appointments to the Board of Directors of Ridley Terminals and the Port of Prince Rupert.

On Wednesday Denis Lebel, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure and Communities outlined the details of the appointment of Mr. David Bromley to a two year term on the Board of Directors of Ridley Terminals.

Today, the Minister released details on the appointment of Mr. Robert Bruce Ellis Hallsor, who will take up duties for  a three year term on the Board of Directors with the Prince Rupert Port Authority.

Considering that the Federal Government is seeking to send Ridley Terminals to the privatization files, one imagines that Mr. Hallsor's appointment may provide for a bit more long term employment than that of Mr. Bromley.

Depending on the speed of the privatization plan for Ridley Terminals, the two year term for Mr. Bromley on the Ridley Board, may in the end be cut a bit short.

Update: February 15-- The Port of Prince Rupert provided this backgrounder on the new appointment to their board.

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