Friday, February 22, 2013

City West introduces a familiar face as the new CEO

“Don knows the company inside and out, so he will be a natural fit as our CEO,” says Jack Payne, chair of the CityWest board. “He’s got the respect of staff and management, and is more than ready to lead the company into its exciting future.”  -- From the News Release confirming the appointment of Don Holkestad as the CEO of CityWest

A local telephone, Internet and cablevision provider, it seems is best in the hands of a local and longtime employee.

That would appear to be the theme of a recent news release issued by CityWest, which outlines the past  33 years experience of Don Holkestad with the company and what he brings to his new duties as CEO in moving the company forward.

The first official word of the change (other than the abrupt change to the website back in December) came In this news release, which was posted on January 31st.

CityWest Board Chair Jack Payne outlined the snapshot biography of the new CEO and pointed towards his background and industry knowledge over the last ten years, which coincided with a number of major projects at CityWest.

In that period of time the company has expanded into the fields of Cablevision and cel service, as well as opening up service areas in other communities of the Northwest.

As we outlined on the blog in December, CityWest and former CEO Bill Craig parted company late last year, Mr. Craig's tenure rather short with the expanding communications company that is based in Prince Rupert. No reason for the departure of Mr. Craig was ever provided by the Board of Directors, though we imagine folks will be searching the press release for snippets of hints as to what led to the recent change.

City council which in years past would hold lengthy discussions on the nature of the Citywest, has in more recent years been rather quiet on the topic of the city owned company. The most recent appearance from the company was in October and it was not a particularly lengthy question and answer period that followed Chairman Payne's review of the company's year. (You can listen in to the presentation through the City's audio archive for October 22, from the 1 hour 14 minute to 1 hour 45 minute mark)

Since the change at the top, Council has not in open council session examined or discussed the change of CEO, nor have they invited anyone from CityWest to provide a public update on the latest developments and if the plan in place under Mr. Craig, is one that Mr. Holkestad believes in, or if change is on the horizon.

Considering the nature of Council's interest in other areas of industry in the city, (LNG development, Pinnacle Pellet come to mind) perhaps having CityWest pop in for a discussion, (providing they ask any questions) in open forum might help us understand the plan moving forward for the company which the city's taxpayers own.

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