Tuesday, February 26, 2013

RCMP turn attention to Alberta in search for wanted men

The search for a trio of British Columbia men, one of whom is from the Terrace region, has now shifted to Alberta. The latest update to the public was provided after a stolen car, the white Hyundai that was of interest to the RCMP in attachment to the suspects was found in the Calgary area.

Last week we outlined the scope of the search for the three who were believed to be armed and dangerous and at the time still thought to be in the Prince George area.

With a suspect with ties to the Northwest, the RCMP had last week issued an alert for the public to be cautious should the trio be spotted in Northern BC and to contact their local detachment.

Wanted for a number of offences the RCMP updated details on their search today, repeating their request for assistance from the public, should anyone have any information that could lead to the arrest of the three suspects in question.

You can review the latest details including mugshots of the three suspects in question from the RCMP website.

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