Friday, February 22, 2013

CNC tuition set for 2 per cent increase

Northwest parents who are sending their children to the College of New Caledonia will have to dig a little bit deeper to fund their children's education, as students at the College will be facing a tuition increase in the fall semester to come.

The Prince George based community college is a favourite destination of many in the Northwest, mainly owing to its focus on the trades and with costs rising and government funding decreasing over the last few years, tuition is the one thing in the control of the College.

With that in mind, a 2 per cent increase has been approved by the Board of Governors as one way to chip away at the financial situation. 

The two percent increase is anticipated to provide the College with an additional 100,000 dollars, dependent on enrolment, though that apparently won't be near enough to address their financial challenges.

Required to present a balanced budget, CNC is facing a 1 million dollar shortfall in its 2013-14 budget planning and in addition to the pending tuition increase, the College Board of Governors has been considering a number of other options in the bid to reduce the shortfall.

Among those under consideration are retirement incentives and voluntary severance packages, closure of under subscribed programs, reduced workloads as well as some reshuffling of their revenue sources.

The final decision on the cost cutting and tuition increase plans will come at the Board of Governors meeting on April 26th.

Some of the background on the decisions facing CNC can be found below:

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