Friday, February 15, 2013

Prince Rupert is tops at the pumps!

We briefly were number one, and still are among the top of the list, but we probably don't want anything to do with the title!

Prince Rupert motorists who did not make the mad dash to the 7-11 last evening, found that they had missed their window of opportunity for what now seems like a bargain price on gas

This morning, the price of a litre of gas at Prince Rupert's gas stations sits at 1.36 per litre, with a tanker truck rolling into the city in the morning period to replenish the thirsty reservoirs, now to be pegged at the new price we imagine.

All that was missing from that visual of the tanker truck arriving, was the theme from Jaws playing from a loudspeaker, as the twin tank truck travelled the city streets.

The  original price spike seemed to to take place sometime during the daylight hours on Thursday as both the Hays Cove Petro Can and Chevron we're selling gas at 1.36 by 4:30 yesterday.

A situation that left  7-11 holding the low price point into the evening at 1.17, which meant for an interesting cluster of cars crowding the pumps while the pumping was good.

Sometime Thursday evening, or perhaps early this morning, those good times came to an end.

A quick scan of the three stations near the downtown area this morning provided confirmation that all three had set the price at the 1.36 mark for Friday, a  jump of nineteen cents from the day before, and a new price point, that only the gasoline suppliers know the duration of for sure.

(Update: a travel to the outer reaches of the Industrial park provides the note that the Grassy Bay Petro Can is apparently still selling their fuel for 1.21 for those looking for a less expensive fill up)

According to the GasBuddy website, the lowest prices in the province were found in the Cowichan Valley of Vancouver Island at where gas prices are reported to be pegged at 107.4 per litre .

Prince Rupert at 1.369 a litre, for the moment anyways,  is among the highest in the province, we look forward to relinquishing our status sooner, rather than later!

The Northern View visited the pumps of Prince Rupert for their February 20th edition:
Fuel prices climb 19 cents per litre overnight (Nor View e edition pg24)

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