Friday, February 22, 2013

2013 Hoobiyee Celebrations underway

The celebration of the Nisga'a New Year is underway, as Gitwinksihlkw (Canyon City) in the Nass Valley plays host to this years event.

Those making the journey to the Nass to take in the celebrations will find a packed schedule of two days of activities at the Memorial Centre.  Events for the weekend started this morning at 9 am and will continue through until Saturday night's finale.

The Grand Opening was set for 6 PM Friday night, while the final event arrives Saturday evening at 9 PM, when Hoobiyee closes with the Pass On Hobiyee Moon ceremony.

The full schedule of events is available from the Nisga'a Nation Knowledge Network website.

The NNKN website also will be featuring photographs of the weekend activities, updated through the day as each event comes to a conclusion.

And while taking in the events would clearly be a more enjoyable experience, those that can't make it into the Nass this year can take it all in through the CFNR portal, which has been live streaming events through the day today and plans to do the same again tomorrow.

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