Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Environment Canada issues Winter Storm WARNING for North Coast Inland Areas

With another pineapple express anticipated for the Southern portions of British Columbia, the spin off effect for the North Coast has delivered a Winter Storm Warning

With Environment Canada issuing the Winter Storm advisory Wednesday morning.

Snow is anticipated to develop late overnight in Inland areas of the region becoming heavy at times through Thursday, total snowfall accumulations for the region could reach up to 25 cm by Thursday night. 

As well as the snow, the winds will pick up significantly gusting from 40 to 7 0 kilometres per hour, creating poor visibility for those travelling on the roads.

The weather system is expected to persist into Friday.

For the coastal regions of the North Coast, the storm will for the most part provide for a rain event, though there is the possibility of snow for Prince Rupert into Saturday and Sunday, updated forecast information for cities in the region can be found below.

The system will arrive at the same time as many participants and fans of the All Native Basketball Tournament may be starting to make their way towards the North Coast. 

Updated Road Conditions can be found from the Drive BC Website or twitter feed. 

Past items related to weather events on the North Coast can be found on our archive page.

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