Friday, February 6, 2015

Terrace RCMP tell motorists how it is, and they're pretty emphatic about it.

For those that even give some thought to taking to the roads of the Terrace - Kitimat region today, the RCMP have some simple advice for you, Stay Home!

That's the theme of a media release issued on Friday morning, following an extremely vigorous winter storm overnight and with more snow on the way through the day.

The key point to be made from the advisory is as follows:

"Conditions have deteriorated even since this morning. Stay home. Don’t put yourself, others, and emergency personal at risk," Inspector Dana Hart, Officer in Charge Terrace RCMP.

In addition to that, the Terrace detachment offers up a number of safety tips to consider once the storm subsides and residents return to the roads.

Terrace, Kitimat and points north, south and east are all still under a Winter Storm Warning and Special Weather statement, calling for further snowfall of some 30 centimetres through the day today before the storm has moved on.

A look at the Highway camera set up at the junction of Highways 16 and 37 in Terrace provides a small sample of what the Terrace RCMP is talking about and why they suggest staying off the roads is the best course of action for the day.

Highways 16 and 37 
at Terrace at 11:30 AM
Highway 16 at Kasiks 
west of Terrace 11:45 AM

At the moment Highways 16 and 37 are under Travel Advisories for the Terrace, Kitimat and eastbound sections. As well advisories are in effect Nisga'a highway.

You can access more information on travel conditions from the Drive BC website and Twitter feed.

Background the current Winter Storm, as well as on past weather events can be found on our Archive page.

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