Wednesday, February 4, 2015

UNBC turns to the Alumni for feedback for 25th Anniversary year

With over 11,000 alumni that could participate, the results that UNBC will be hoping to tabulate may take a bit of time to deliver.

At least, University officials are hoping so, looking for a large sample of opinion on what UNBC is all about.

As part of their 25th year anniversary, UNBC is calling on its alumni to take part in a short, confidential survey, providing some feedback to the University on their overall satisfaction of their UNBC years, as well as a bit of detail on specific program, additional education pursued and their continued connection, if any, with the University.

For those living on the North Coast, the survey offers up the opportunity to help potentially shape future programs, providing some feedback on how the Prince George based University may become more engaged in those communities outside of the main campus location.

Since UNBC opened 25 years ago, a fairly significant stream of students has started to find their wayto Prince George from the Northwest, this first ever Survey, could prove to be useful in developing more programs on interest from a Northwest perspective.

You can learn more about the UNBC Alumni Survey here, the amount of time required to participate is expected to be no more than twenty minutes.

When you're ready to weigh in with your thoughts, the survey can be accessed here.

Those interested in participating in the survey have until March 2nd to log on and take part.

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