Friday, May 1, 2015

John Farrell takes a seat on the Port's Board of Directors

John Farrell took his place on the
Prince Rupert Port Authority Board
this morning.
The Prince Rupert Port Authority formally welcomed John Farrell to the Port's Board of Director's today, heralding his business experience and community leadership as a key addition to the work of the Board.

"On behalf of the Board and our staff, I extend a warm welcome to John ...  John demonstrates dedication to the health and growth of Prince Rupert community, both through his entrepreneurial ventures and the many volunteer roles he’s filled in the community. His contribution will be valuable as we guide the Port of Prince Rupert through unprecedented expansion and diversification." -- Prince Rupert Port Authority Chairman Bud Smith marking the changeover of the Board's make up.

Mr. Farrell was appointed by the City of Prince Rupert and District of Port Edward in May, with Mayor Lee Brain making the announcement of the selection by way of his Facebook page back on March 25th.

As part of today's announcement, Mr. Farrell, who has had a long relationship with the North Coast, outlined some of the excitement he feels about the future of the community and the potential of the Prince Rupert gateway for future growth.

“This is an exciting time for Prince Rupert, and I am honoured and excited to play a role in the growth of this important Canadian trade gateway,” said Mr. Farrell. “I support the growth and believe in the potential of BC’s North Coast, and have aligned my career choices, leadership initiatives and volunteer commitments to realizing that vision.” -- John Farrell, speaking as part of today's Port ceremony installing him with the Port of Prince Rupert Board of Directors.

Mr Farrell, replaces Ms. Maureen Macarenko, joining Bud Smith, Jennifer Clarke, Elmer Derrick, Bruce Hallsor and Kenneth Clatyon on the Port Board.

As part of today's announcement, Ms. Macrarenko's work on behalf of the Board was recognized by the Chairman, who acknowledged her commitment and service to the community.

You can learn more the Board of Directors and qualifications for positions here.

A full review of today's announcement, including comments from area politicians is available here.

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