Monday, May 4, 2015

LNG industry launches publicity push to spread corporate message

When it comes to the development of an LNG Industry in British Columbia, all eyes it seems are on the North Coast these days. And to spread the word on the latest of developments, film crews it seems have been making a bee line to the region in recent weeks, all arriving to record the LNG story from an industry perspective.

The corporate video presentations are not that hard to find, available through corporate websites, or social media options such as Facebook and twitter.

Most of them anchored on corporate Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo pages, designed to make sure that in a crowded media world that they're version of the story is getting its share of attention.

For the North Coast tours, both Port Edward and Prince Rupert have been the focus of some of that attention, claiming a fair amount of camera time from the industry proponents.

First we take you out to Port Edward, where Pacific NorthWest LNG has posted two videos related to their proposed Lelu Island development, one featuring Mayor Dave MacDonald outlining his thoughts on the proposed Terminal project.

The second offering from Pacific NorthWest LNG features their Community Relations Advisor Derek Baker, speaking to some of the background of the project and what it could mean for both the Port Edward area and the North Coast.

The larger industrial collective known as BC LNG also had cameras in place in the region recently.

Former television report Jas Johal, now the corporate spokesperson for the group toured the area featuring stops in Metlakatla and Prince Rupert as part of his trip to the North Coast.

The theme of his presentation a rather timely one, explaining the industry's commitment to engagement with First Nations and North Coast communities.

With the engagement process related to LNG development continuing to increase from the various proponents, the shift in focus towards the delivery of information by way of the corporate media sites will continue.

Countered of course, by more video presentations from those groups that still have concerns about any of the proposed LNG developments for the region.

All of it making for an interesting quest to win over the eyes and the minds of North Coast residents that suggests that the streets of the North Coast may soon start to look like the sets of Television productions, as each side seeks to share their message.

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