Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Prince Rupert's Amy Dopson introduced as LNG Canada's Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer

One of the major LNG Proponents on the North Coast is tapping a Prince Rupert resident to provide for engagement with First Nations issues related to their proposed LNG development in Kitimat.

LNG Canada, the Shell Oil led consortium with plans for an LNG terminal in the Kitimat area announced the appointment of Prince Rupert's Amy Dopson to their team recently, highlighting the work that Ms. Dopson will engage in as the project moves forward.

In an introduction piece as part of the announcement, Ms. Dopson outlined her ambitions for the new position and how she sees it evolving as part of the process ahead.

“I have continued to live in Prince Rupert because it is so beautiful and I recognize its potential for growth and I want to contribute what I can to enforce positive change. I aspire to see my community thrive once again and offer ample long-term local opportunities. LNG Canada offers that hope and I am proud to be a part of a team that goes above and beyond what’s required to ensure that North Coast communities are a part of the process.” -- Prince Rupert's Amy Dopson, outlining the work ahead with her new position with Kitimat's LNG Canada.

Ms. Dopson is well known on the North Coast through her efforts with Pac 10 Tutoring in Prince Rupert and the number of achievement awards that she has received from the local Chamber of Commerce and other organizations in recent years.

She recently was recognized by BC Business magazine for her work with Pac 10 and pegged as a someone to watch in the future as part of their 30 under 30 celebrations of last year.

Clearly LNG Canada did some research took that advice from BC Business to heart, making Ms. Dopson part of their team as they look to move forward their LNG proposal.

Shell the lead company in the LNG Canada consortium recently made news as part of a massive business merger, with the oil giant purchasing the BG Group in a 70 billion dollar business deal.

You can learn more about Ms. Dopson's duties, as well as those of the rest of the Community engagement team from LNG Canada from this announcement.

We have more on the proposed LNG development in Kitimat available on our archive page here.

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