Monday, October 22, 2018

City Council to receive list of Community Enhancement Grant applicants tonight

The preparations to deliver financial assistance to a range of Prince Rupert organizations and community groups will get underway this evening, as the City's Financial Officer Corinne Bomben delivers a report on the topic for consideration of the Council membership.

The two page report outlines some of the background on the grant process and will recommend a funding level limit of $748,000 for 2019, excluding those contractual community agreements.

The report also makes note of the separate funding agreements that have been entered into with the Museum, Lester Centre of the Arts and SPCA from early 2017, along with pre-existing agreements with the Racquet Club and Golf Course, all of which are not part of the Community Enhancement Grant application process for 2019.

The application period for local groups to submit their request for assistance started in August, with the deadline for submissions arriving on September 14th. From those submissions the City's finance department put together its recommendations for 2019.

Ms. Bomben's Report to Council can be reviewed below:

As for the applicants for 2019, the City's Financial Officer has provided for two charts, one for long running grant applicants and the other for those new to the process this year, the financial notes observe what each group or organization had requested of the city and what amount the Financial officer is recommending that Council allocate to each.

Long standing Community Enhancement Grant applicants
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Among the new applicants for 2019 are: Prince Rupert Crime Stoppers, Prince Rupert Outrigger Association, Prince Rupert Garden Club, North Coast Social Issues Society, North Coast Immigrant and Multicultural Society and Transition Prince Rupert Society.

New Community Enhancement Grant applicants for 2019 consideration
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Ms. Bomben's pencil sharpening has reduced the impact on the city budget, knocking down the total requests  of a total of $830,700 from the applicants, to the recommended limit of $748,000.

Council members will consider the report and ask questions if any as part of this evenings council session, from that they will provide direction to City staff as to what course of action they should follow on the Grant requests.

For more items of interest related to this evenings City Council session see our Preview page here and our Council session archive here.

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