Tuesday, October 30, 2018

City seeks bids on three items from November's to do list

The City of Prince Rupert is heading into November ready to spend some cash, with three bid requests filed with the BC Bid Program, with a pair of City Departments looking for materials or services related to three different projects on their action list for the month.

First on the list are some Security doors for the City's new Public Works facility on Wantage Road, with the city looking for 4 outside doors, a server room door and all that is required to integrate them into the city's electronic system.


The Second project is a replacement of the Pay Parking Station located at Rushbrook Floats, the only pay parking station that the city has.

Suppliers will be asked to provide for Two Multi Space Pay Stations capable of accepting debit, credit, tap  and online payments. The successful applicant will be expected to install the unites and train Bylaw staff on how to operate and repair the machines as required.

Both of those elements have deadlines for bids of November 9th.


The Third Request for Bid is to deliver  a study to the City related to their twelve Sanitary lift stations located around the city.

Those stations are found at: Alpine Drive, George Hills Way, Omenica Avenue, Chamberlin Street, Graham Avenue, Pillsbury Avenue, Comox Avenue, Hays Creek, Industrial Site, Duncan Road, Sloan Avenue, Sourdough Bay

The study is expected to review the current capacities and estimate the expected future sanitary and storm sewer quantities. As well, the work will require the successful applicant to submit to the City a conceptual procedure/design for approval to rehabilitate the existing lift stations, modify them or implement new stations.

Two reports will be required along the way, a Drat Final review and then following consultation with other regulatory authorities the Final Report/procedure recommendations.

The Lift Station study project has a deadline for submissions of November 15th.

For a look at he particulars for each of the Bids, they are available through the BC Bid website.

A review of some of the past Request for Bids from the City can be found from our archive page here.

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