Thursday, October 25, 2018

City to seek grant funding for Emergency Social Services program

David Geronazzo, the Director of Recreation and Community Services for
the City of Prince Rupert at Council Monday, outlining the details of
a funding program that the city is applying for.

The City of Prince Rupert will be pursuing a grant opportunity offered through the Union of British Columbia Municipalities, looking to access 11,000 dollars in funding for use for the City's Social Service program.

At Monday evening's Prince Rupert city Council meeting, David Geronazzo, the city's Director of Recreation and Community Service outlined the details related to the grant application and how the city would make use of the funding. for the council membership.

The UBCM program that the funding comes from is the Community Emergency Preparedness Fund, which offers up a range of funding opportunities for communities to explore and apply for.
that fund

Mr. Geronazzo noted, that if successful, the 11,000 dollars would be used to help fund the continued growth of the Prince Rupert Emergency Services Program, with the money to be used to continue to fund the Emergency Services team, recruit members and provide training.

As a follow up to the presentation, Mayor Brain outlined how the community program was briefly put into service during the summer time Fire emergency across the province, with Prince Rupert one of many communities to offer shelter for those in the Northwest that had been forced from their homes.

You can review the presentation to Council from the City's YouTube archive page, the discussion on the quest for funding starts at the one minute mark.

In August we made note of some local training that had been arranged for those that volunteer of their time for the program, part of the ongoing training programs that the funding, if successfully accessed will help to build on.

You can learn more about what the Emergency Social Service program here and here.

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