Friday, October 26, 2018

Friendship House to host Prince Rupert chapter of 'Dudes Club'

Prince Rupert's Friendship House on Fraser Street is the home
for the latest chapter of Dude's Club a province-wide organization
that promotes Men's wellness and solidarity 

An organization dedicated towards Men's Wellness is setting up operations out of Prince Rupert's Friendship House, as the Dudes Club - Brotherhood and Solidarity Club prepares to host their first gathering this afternoon starting at 2PM.

With a focus on the promotion of Men's health and solidarity the group will meet every second Friday of the month, with meetings taking place from 2 to 4:30 PM in the 2nd Floor Culture Room at the Friendship Centre on Fraser Street.

The Organization which has similar chapters in a number of British Columbia communities, takes a four pillar approach to its work:

To build solidarity and brotherhood between members of the group.

To promote men's health through education, dialogue and health screening clinics

To enable men to regain a sense of pride and fulfillment in their life

Serve as a confidential and non-judgemental space for men to come in and share

The local organizer for the Dude's Club in Prince Rupert is William Gye who will serve as the lead facilitator for the group, he outlined the focus for the chapter as it prepares to launch in the city.

“We just want to get the guys together and talk about their day and we’ll work with them to cook a meal each meeting,”  ...“We’ll bring in professionals to share their knowledge and experience as well.”

Other facilitators that will be participating in the program are Joseph Jack and Nathan Randall, both newcomers to the city, who have recognized the need for a program that helps to build community for men in the region.

Mr. Jack noted that work of the group is to lend a hand to a segment of the community that has not seen much attention directed towards it.

“Coming from a First Nations background, I have a good sense of the struggles that a lot of the guys are going through,”  ... “I just want to do my part and help out.” -- Joseph Jack, facilitator at Dudes Club Prince Rupert

With the launch of the program in Prince Rupert today, the city will join five other communities in offering the services and friendship of Dude's Club, the program receiving some positive accolades for its work and the ability to create lasting change.

The program is currently in place in Vancouver, West Moberly, Smithers, Prince George and Gitanmaxx.

You can review some of the elements and resources that Dudes Club offers here.

The program is open to all Aboriginal men in the community, for more information related to the new Prince Rupert group contact William Gye at the Friendship Centre at 250-627-1717 extension 29

Further items about Community events in Prince Rupert can be found on our archive page here.

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