Sunday, October 21, 2018

To the victors ... go the thank you statements!

With the campaign for Council now at an end, and the final results delivering the names of those that will take their place around the Council Chamber for the next four years, as those who were successful in last night balloting have offered up their thanks today.

The successful six taking to their social media platforms and information portals to offer up a few words on the campaign just finished and for some a look ahead to the task at hand.

A recap of last evenings ballot results can be found here.

From the top vote getter of the night, to the candidate who snared the last of the six seats on Council the Thank you notes can be reviewed below:
(click on each to enlarge)

Blair Mirau -- 2,221votes received

Barry Cunningham -- 2,133 votes received

Gurvinder Randhawa -- 1,841 votes received

Wade Niesh -- 1,811 votes received

Nick Adey -- 1,535 votes received

Reid Skelton-Morven -- 1,342 votes received

The two remaining candidates, Sarah Dantzer and Charmayne Carslon who came up short of the required votes to claim a seat for this time around, have yet to reflect on the last six weeks and their quest for a Council seat.

For a look back at the 2018 City Council campaign see our archive page here.

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