Sunday, October 14, 2018

Blog Watching: Week ending, October 14, 2018

The increasingly acrimonious dispute between Prince Rupert and Port Edward related to the Ridley Island Tax Agreement was turned up a few notches on the political stove this week, as Mayor Lee Brain took to his Facebook page to expand on the issue, offer guidance to Port Edward as to how residents should vote and then to suggest that more drastic measures to address the city's concerns on the issue may be on the way.

All of the drama of the week seemed to come out of the Port Edward Candidates forum, where the topic came up for discussion with Port Edward holding firm to its current position of non negotiation on the topic.

Last week's LNG Canada announcement for Kitimat provided North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice with some information sharing work to do, pointing constituents towards an interview that Premier Horgan gave on the issue, as well as to her own interview with Terrace radio station CFNR, where she made note of job creation and other impacts of the project for the region.

With legalization of cannabis set for October 17th, Prince Rupert City Council outlined its path ahead towards creating a commercial zone for the sale of cannabis, a process that will start with a public information forum at Coast Mountain College on November 13th.

And the city's downtown core saw another shift eastward this week, as the Third Avenue Coffee shop moved out of its west side location, moving into the Cow Bay area, taking up the spot recently home to Northern Industrial Sales, that retail operation has now moved into the old Acklands building on George Hills Way.

However, the story which attracted the most interest through the week, was the lengthy appeal to Prince Rupert residents that put many of Mayor Brains themes on the Ridley Island Tax Agreement back into the political discussion for the week, his post making for a stream of commentary from residents of both Prince Rupert and Port Edward, as well as from a number council candidates in the October 20th municipal election.

Mayor Brain dials up the rhetoric  on Ridley Island Tax Agreement with Port Edward -- Mayor Lee Brain, along with Councillor Wade Niesh accelerated the talking points on the Ridley Island Tax Agreement with Port Edward, making for a lengthy and wide ranging bit of political theatre on the Mayors Facebook page this week  (posted October 11, 2018)

That article was followed by:

Port Edward Council election forum set for tomorrow night at 7PM -- Our preview of the possible discussion points for the council and mayoralty candidates in the District of Port Edward election    (posted October 8, 2018

MLA Rice expresses strong enthusiasm for LNG development ... in Kitimat  -- It was a busy week of information sharing for the North Coast MLA, who made sure to fly the BC NDP's flag high on the recent announcement for the go ahead for the LNG Canada terminal in Kitimat   (posted October, 12, 2018)  

No shortcuts when it comes to City Council's Cannabis road map -- City Council began the process towards development of a commercial zone for cannabis sales in the community, the full blue print of the work ahead included as part of the Tuesday night agenda for council members.    (posted October  11, 2018

Prince Rupert businesses do the Cow Bay Shuffle -- One local business, Northern Industrial Sales relocated to a larger location on George Hills Way, and as they vacated their spot at 1st Ave East and Third Ave East, the Third Avenue Coffee shop moved in, taking its leave of city's western reaches of Third Avenue.      (posted October 0, 2018)  

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