Tuesday, June 6, 2023

City of Prince Rupert, rest of Northwest BC stay off of BC housing Minister Khalon's' naughty list for now

The British Columbia Government has been taking an increased role when it comes to housing issues in the province, having recently change legislation to improve the turn around time for applications for housing to actual foundations in the ground.

Province looks to speed up building of homes, with single lots to see changes to increase allowed housing

And while the province and Housing Minister Ravi Khalon have stressed often that they are partners with municipalities; they also have made it pretty clear that their mission is to see more housing built, with less roadblocks put in the way from the municipal side.

Towards that provincial theme, word came out last week of a list of ten communities that were on the 'naughty' list for the Housing Minister, with some extra attention to come from the province towards their efforts to create additional housing stock.

However, as it turns out, the ten communities that were noted on Friday, were just a few of the locations on Mr. Khalon's radar. 

With the larger list  now marking 47 communities and delivered through an Order in Council by the Government.

That includes many communities large and small from the Lower Mainland, Okanagan/Interior and Vancouver Island areas, the reach coming as far North as Prince George.

The Housing Minister however hasn't made the turn west from the junction of Highways 16 and 97 in Prince George, with none of the communities along the Highway 16 corridor included in the current initiative that was outlined through Order in Council number 328 that was issued on May 31st.

Whether the Northwest is getting an A for effort for now, or the Minister has plans to address housing in the region at a later date isn't quite clear at the moment. 

Regardless, for now,  the communities of the corridor are off the hook for the additional reporting and oversight by the province that comes from the Order.

You can explore further what the Housing Minister is expecting from municipal governments across BC from the document available here.

The City of Prince Rupert has announced a number of potential housing solutions for the community in the last six months; but so far there have been few signs to show any actual movement of ground towards a building site at any of the previously noted locations.

The most recent initiative to come before Prince Rupert City Council is the proposed housing plan for a property on Ninth Avenue West at Lisa Walters Drive, that site adjacent to the city's Middle School.

The Public Hearing related to that proposal comes up at 6 PM on Monday, June 16th, prior to the next Prince Rupert City Council session.

More notes from the Legislature can be reviewed here.

Our look at Housing issues in Prince Rupert is available here.


  1. Few signs of new housing? What do we call Digby Towers? Or the triplex on Atlin? Or fourplex on 2nd Ave? New homes on 11th?

    1. Was referencing the range of larger scale developments championed by City Hall ... you know, the ones that were outlined as a way to help tackle the housing affordability issues in the community NCR

  2. NCR writes like he WISHES PR was on the list