Thursday, June 8, 2023

Sports make for a Big Part of Seafest Weekend

From young to old, some part of this weekend for many in Prince Rupert will be spent in a Seafest Sports activity with a wide range of events scheduled for the festival period.

The weekend's sporting schedule starts with a Friday Seafest Showdown, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament taking place at Muscle Panda  located behind the Museum of Northern British Columbia

Spectators are welcome to attend the Showdown from 1:30 to 3:30 PM. AS well they are hosting a beer garden for adult spectators in the evening on June 9th! Participation fee: $50 for athletes, $5 for spectators

More on the event is available here.

The Jim Ciccone Civic Centre/Patullo Field area is the place to be for a few activities for the weekend.

4 on 4 Street Hockey is set for the Civic Centre parking lot from 9AM through to 4:30 PM (with a break for the parade at 11AM)

You can check out the schedule for the competitors here.

Over at Patullo Field at PRMS, the Prince Rupert Seamen are hosting a celebration of Fifty years of Rugby on the North Coast.

The Scrums start at 12:45 and continue through to 5PM

Next door to the Rugby pitch, the Civic Centre Ball Fields will be busy as well, with the Kaien Island SlowPitch League hosting a Seafest Tournament.

Not much has been outlined towards the event so far, but should you drop by the fields Saturday or Sunday you're likely to see some action  taking place.

Prince Rupert United Mens Soccer is hosting the 2nd Annual Elias Dempsey Tsakonas Memorial Soccer Tournament from June 9-11, games take place on the pitch at CHSS and Port Edward field.

The Tourney schedule is available here.

The Prince Rupert Court House is the location for this years 4 on 4 Grass Volleyball Tournament 

Eight Teams in two divisions take to the grass at the Courthouse Saturday 

See the Schedule here.

The always competitive Three on Three Basketball tournament joins the Seafest Sports lineup this weekend. The 23rd edition of the Jim Ciccone Memorial tournament taking place Saturday on Third Avenue West between  4th and 5th Streets, 

Sunday's Basketball finales take place at the Parking lot across from the Atlin Terminal.

Off towards Rushbrook Floats, Prince Rupert's Gale Force Gymnastics is hosting an Open House from Noon to 2 Saturday at the City leased space adjacent to the Canadian Fish Plant.

The Prince Rupert Golf Club is also a hot spot this weekend, with the 2023 Ladies Jubileee Tournament taking place on Saturday and Sunday

You can check out all of the Seafest 2023 events from the Prince Rupert Special Events social media stream here.

Through this week we've been previewing some of the Seafest Activities catch up with our notes from our archive page here.

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