Thursday, November 29, 2012

Are the first impressions, the lasting impressions?

"OUR TWIN-PROP airplane cut through low cloud and descending darkness, to touch down in Prince Rupert. Having reclaimed our bags from a hole in a wall we boarded a shuttle bus, wound our way along a black forest-lined road, drove onto a slothful ferry, and were finally off-loaded in a deserted street in the middle of town." -- Rupert Potter, Consul General for the UK to British Columbia, reflecting on his first impression upon his arrival in Prince Rupert.

As they say it's how you greet someone that makes a lasting impression. So we found of interest the observations of Prince Rupert from Rupert Potter, the Consul General of the UK to the Vancouver High Commission.

The Consul General offered up some thoughts on his recent trip to Prince Rupert, culled from his attendance at the Northern Ports Symposium of last month.

The early take from the opening paragraph it would seem, is that maybe a few aesthetic refinements might be required at the Prince Rupert Airport and perhaps, if possible, a bit more information for the travelling public on the epic journey ahead just to reach the city.

Beyond the early shock of transportation Prince Rupert style, the Consul General provided a review of sorts of his trip to the Northwest, published in a publication called the Union Jack, a Canadian based newspaper and website that provides news and offers reviews of developments in Canada, with as they say British flair (and accent we imagine).

The Consul General in addition to learning the ways of air travel on the North Coast, found the scenery  stunning, the welcome warm and the streets somewhat subdued, giving him cause for thought as to how the lack of hustle and bustle meshed with the economic prospects he heard that were just on the horizon.

You can review his travelogue and economic review from the Union Jack website

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