Sunday, November 4, 2012

City to host Open House on Waterfront Use at Lester Centre

The ongoing consultation with the public over the use of the eastern sections of Prince Rupert's waterfront will continue this week, as the City hosts an Open House on Wednesday, November 7th at the Lester Centre.

The City will review some of the preliminary analysis of the major themes of the waterfront plan, which extends from east of the Cow Bay district along the shoreline towards Galloway Rapids Bridge.

The City has been collecting comments and input from the community since the process began back in June, this Open House marks one of the final steps in the process, before the consultative project comes to an end.

Not quite as controversial as the waterfront lands west of Kwinitsa, the eastern section of the Prince Rupert waterfront seems destined to be more resident friendly than the increasingly industrial use of the western side.

The Open House offers the public a final opportunity to provide their feedback on the proposals and offer up their suggestions before the process comes to an end and council examines the final report.

This Wednesday's information session at the Lester Centre runs from 7 to 10 pm.

The session is divided into three seperate sections

The Waterfront Preview from 7-7:30 PM
The Presentation from 7:30-8:00 PM
Question Period from 8:00 PM on...

You can review some of the information on the topic from our archives on Waterfront Development.

Coverage of the Wednesday evening session can be found below

CFTK TV--  Rupert Waterfront Plan (video)
Northern View-- Prince Rupert city planner to hold meetings, interviews ahead of waterfront review

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