Friday, November 23, 2012

NDP North Coast race stands at two heading towards December

Back to back announcements came out this week, setting the stage for a competitive race for the North Coast New Democratic Party nomination.

The winner of which will no doubt hope to turn into electoral success in the Spring and the chance to claim the seat at the British Columbia Legislature of departing NDP MLA Gary Coons.

That race grew to two on Thursday, as City of Prince Rupert Councillor Jennifer Rice officially announced her candidacy for the nomination, making official, what had been hinted at since September around the city.

She joins Prince Rupert District Teachers Union President Joanna Larson, who announced her bid for the nomination on Wednesday.

As we reviewed in the blog at that time, the two candidates will offer up much to the competition, but perhaps will require the delegates to the nomination process to decide which stream is more to the riding's liking. While both clearly endorse much of the NDP agenda and seem to share many similar thoughts on man issues, they appear to be approaching the nomination from different wings of the party if you will.

Ms. Larson from that of the union movement  and Ms. Rice from the environmental side.

It also could be a nomination race that plays out to a degree over social media, both candidates have in the past made use of an online presence.

Councillor Rice in her most recent successful bid for Municipal office in Prince Rupert and Ms. Larson in her successful quest for elected office with the BCTF.

A prospect that could make for a fairly informative race and a most interesting two months leading up to the January 26th nomination convention.

Some of the media previews of the pending race for the nomination can be found below.

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