Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cohen Report spawns much debate along the coast

Almost three years of consultations have come to an end and last week, former British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Bruce Cohen released his 1,191 page report, outlining some possible clues to the Fraser River Salmon fishery collapse of 2009.

As the final report is made public, we find that while there was no definitive cause into that stock collapse divined from the sessions, there were however, some key recommendations of note for our consideration.

The Cohen Report did recommend that more attention be paid to the commercial fish farm industry, with the ultimate goal of doing whatever is required to protect the wild fish ecosystem.

Among his many thoughts on the fish farm controversy on the west coast, Former Justice Cohen recommended that salmon farms should not be permitted to operate unless it is clear that they pose no more than a minimal risk to the Fraser River sockeye salmon.

Not quite a wholesale demand for the aquaculture industry to be shut down, but a clear declaration that more attention needs to be provided to the industry and any negative effects that it may have on the wild sockeye species.

The other key point from the Report was a call for the Federal Government to refrain from politicizing the Department of Fisheries, leaving that branch of the regulatory arm of fish management to focus purely on the wild fish and their survival.

Leaving the political fallout of their science based decisions to be handled by the politicians, who it would seem should not use DFO as their cover over allocation decisions and the various battles that the department and stakeholders in the fishery engage in on a season to season basis.

The Commission began it's long journey to the final report back in March of 2010,  travelling across British Columbia, including a September 2010 session in Prince Rupert.

Over the course of the Commission's 133 scheduled days of evidentiary hearings, a number of testimonials and presentations were made by a variety of stakeholders and interested observers.

In addition there were a large number of witnesses interviews conducted by commission counsel and 14 site visits were made by the Commissioner during the course of the process.

In total the Commission held ten public forums, attracting over 600 attendees and featuring presentations from 109 of them. After all the reading is done however, the three volume report by Justice Cohen boils down to the 75 recommendations made to try and improve the sustainability of one of the provinces most iconic images and valuable resources.

His report, is another in a long line of inquiries, investigations and reports over the years into the troubled fisheries of the west coast.  Proponents of a sustainable fish stock are no doubt hoping that maybe this one will be accorded more attention, than those of the past.

While the report focused on the Fraser River stock collapse, there are cautionary tales for the North Coast and other regions of the West Coast, many of the recommendations and observations could just as easily be transferred to the North Coast Fishery.

Those inclined to reading government reports can view the complete work from the Cohen Report website (see here)

Of course, with it's release there has been much in the way of discussion and debate over the findings of Justice Cohen, some of the debate can be reviewed below.

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