Sunday, November 11, 2012

Northwest Transportation issues on City Council's agenda

They touched on the changing dynamic to transportation in the Northwest at their last Council Meeting and Tuesday night it seems that rail, road and ferry issues may come up on for discussion once again.

The City Council agenda for Tuesday night features an Information Package from October 24th, which outlines a request for support to urge VIA Rail not to eliminate some of its routes across the nation.

We first looked at the VIA Rail concerns back in January when the topic of potential rural cutbacks was first reported.

The prospect of VIA cutbacks is just one indication of a growing concern over transportation, with Greyhound Bus Lines looking to reduce its service across the Northwest and BC Ferries about to launch a extensive review and consultation process on what routes it may wish to reduce or eliminate.

City Councillors can learn more about the  Greyhound bid from their October 24th Information package, while the October 31st Information package  features background on the BC Ferries issue.

The Greyhound decision appears to be a few months off, Opinion 250 a Prince George news portal outlines that the earliest date for a decision on the Highway 16 route request will be December 10th, though that decision process may carry over until January.

Regardless of the timeline for any of the flash points on transportation, it seems that with all of these concerns on the table, getting here from anywhere may become a lot harder in 2013.

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