Tuesday, November 13, 2012

BC Jobs Fair Caravan skips Prince Rupert

While the unemployment rate in Prince Rupert and the North Coast is still among the highest in the province, the opportunity to learn about Job opportunities it seem will require a little travel for local residents.

The Provincial government is in the midst of cross province tour featuring 24 Jobs Fairs in a variety of British Columbia communities, with Terrace next up on the list on the 16th of November, when the BC Jobs Fair sets up at the Terrace Sportsplex.

The list of participants is impressive, offering up information on the paths to follow leading to a number of rewarding employment options.

It's just unfortunate that the last one hundred kilometres or so of Highway 16 couldn't be travelled to deliver all this good news to the North Coast.

You have to wonder exactly what the criteria was, when the destinations were considered for the travelling jobs caravan. A quick glimpse of the roster of participating communities might suggest to the cynical an itinerary of riding's where the governing Liberals are firmly in place, or perhaps believe they may have a shot at capturing in the next provincial election.

The Premier and her Ministers are quick to arrive in the community when they can make the most out of a jobs announcement from the Port or associated development from it. Yet, when it comes to delivering one of the key planks of the Jobs plan that they trumpet endlessly, they can't seem to find the place on a map.

The Premier has made much of that jobs strategy in the last year, so much so, that every Friday night British Columbians can tune into her 90 second weekly update, an infomercial that heralds all the advancements in job creation that the Liberals believe they are delivering.

It is a controversial advertorial campaign that has cost British Columbians some 15 million dollars, subsidized advertising for the Liberal party it would seem, courtesy of the British Columbia taxpayers.

Taxpayers who perhaps, might believe that a better use of that advertising budget would be to take the job opportunities festival to some of those communities that could use it the most...

Some background on the caravan as the Jobs fair travelled across the northern part of the province.

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