Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Petronas presentation offers glimpse of proposed project

While Petronas and Progress Energy revise their proposed merger plan for further examination by the Federal Government, the local prospects of the mega project were available for review this week in both Prince Rupert and Port Edward.

Monday was proposal night in Port Edward, Tuesday night the presentation moved to the Lester Centre of the Arts, where Progress Energy Vice President Greg Kist laid out the procedures required to move the project from the proposal phase to completion.

PETRONAS-Progress LNG (website on the project)

At the moment the project, is in the feasibility phase, exploring the technical aspects, site selection prospects and an examination of the regulatory environment required for approval.

The timeline of development would be as follows, an Environmental Assessment submitted in late 2013, Investment funding and government approval of the project in late 2014, while terminal and pipeline construction taking place leading up to a terminal opening of mid to late 2018.

The project would generate 3,500 direct and indirect jobs during construction and 200 to 300 jobs once the terminal is up and operating.

Some reviews of the presentation can be found below.

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Our archive features items of note on all of the LNG development plans planned for the North Coast thus far.

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