Monday, November 19, 2012

Lottery winner makes like Santa Claus in Terrace

Terrace resident, Bob Erb it seems is going to re-distribute some of that 25 million dollar winfall he claimed recently and he appears to be doing his re-distribution one person at a time.

While he is in the process of setting up ways of providing funding for a number of local projects in the Terrace area, he has also reportedly been busy dropping in on neighbours and providing for early Christmas presents. With such offers as to repave driveways on his street and fix roofs apparently on his mind. With word of his generosity spreading quickly, a more complete listing of reported good deeds has made it to the pages of the Vancouver Sun.

The Sun took to the telephone on the weekend, making random calls to Terrace residents seeking to find details of contact with the newest multi millionaire of the Northwest. Their efforts were apparently quickly rewarded, as locals recounted tales of what they have heard about Erb's generosity throughout the community, though the Sun also pointed out some of those could not be confirmed.

Still, it makes for a fairly interesting angle to the story, with Mr. Erb playing the role of a Terrace Santa Claus, distributing glad tidings a month before Christmas.

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