Friday, November 16, 2012

For Terrace, Smoke from a not so distant fire

As the Northwest Transmission Line project  moves forward, residents in the Terrace area and points north may soon notice a rather hazy sky as part of their daily vista.

BC Hydro is currently clearing lad for the northwest hydro project and the twin factors of remote location and poor quality of the trees that are being chopped is making for a disposal problem for the contractors doing the work.

The wood which is considered uneconomical to salvage is to be burned, providing for rather large and long running bonfire along the length of the 340 kilometre route.

With no operating pulp mill in the region, the wood seemingly has no marketable value, with the economic scale of harvesting declining as the contractors work their way further north.

The Vancouver Sun provides much in the way of helpful background on the issue, the ongoing burn project also caught the attention of the CBC which featured this review of the mass burning of timber in the Northwest,

The Northwest burning is not the only massive project underway in the province at the moment, the CBC also provided this review of other slash and burn efforts in other parts of Northern BC.

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