Friday, November 2, 2012

Mother Nature turns off the hot water tank!

We will most likely have to wait for the eventual documentaries on Discovery Channel or the National Geographic Channel for the full explanation as to how and why of it all, but for now a mystery is unfolding in the aftermath of the 7.7 earthquake of last Saturday on Haida Gwaii.

As Islanders continue to suffer the occasional jolt of an aftershock, they now are trying to figure out why a popular spot on the Islands has gone cold and dry.

Hot Spring Island, a popular destination for locals and visitors alike isn't featuring a very hot spring these days, with water no longer flowing into the springs and the rocks around the pools cool to the touch.

Some of the reviews of the unexpected after affect of the week of temblors can be found below.

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National Post-- "It's just dried up": B. C. earthquake pulls plug on centuries old Haida Gwaii hot springs
Vancouver Sun-- Earthquake empties famed Haida Gwaii hot springs

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