Monday, November 12, 2012

Province revises earthquake and tsunami alert procedures

In the wake of criticism over the speed of the release of information following the Haida Gwaii earthquake of October 27th, the Province on Monday, released some background on revisions to their information delivery procedures.

The enhancements to the information system were announced November 12th, providing a number of communication options that the government believes will result in a more streamlined process, one that will better spread important information that may be required after any future events.

With the changes it's anticipated that the process will offer greater broadcast of initial alerts to public, local authorities and emergency responders.

The revised information flow will involve e-mails, twitter feeds, as well as social media and make better use of audio alerts through the province's EMBC Soundcloud site.

The information relay will begin once Emergency Management BC receives an alert directly from the West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Centre.

From that point a message will be forwarded through a priority email distribution list, one that will include local authorities and first responders, as well as media contacts.

Once the information is delivered in that first wave, EMBC will then post information to it's twitter account at @EmergencyInfoBC, as well as blogs and other social media outlets to continue to advise and update residents to potential disaster

The EMBC blog can be found at

Mobile phone users looking to set up for SMS Notifications of tweets can access more information on how to set up their phones to receive instant updates from this Help Centre page

There are plans to test the information system through the month of November, to ensure that it is in proper working order.

Full details of the changes to the procedures can be found from the Government's press release posted to their website on Monday.

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